The Wright Stuff

Show #72 Release date: 11. November, 2006

This podcast celebrates the music of Richard Wright and the contributions he’s made to Pink Floyd. Enjoy. Here’s the playlist!


27 thoughts on “The Wright Stuff

  1. I can listen to this all day – and I often have done. Years later it still resonates. An essential piece of listening for any self-respecting Floyd head. Well done Doc.

    • This is still my ‘go-to’ Podcast on this site Doc. A lovely piece of work by you. Hard to believe its 12 years now. I was in Italy on holidays when I heard the news. My wife and I then headed straight for Pompeii. Was fortunate enough to be in the audience for the 2nd and 3rd tracks on this, ‘Breakthrough’ and ‘Wearing The Inside Out Out’, truly amazing nights.

  2. I saw Pink Floyd in Buffalo, New York in the early 70\’s at the War Memorial Auditorium. That venue is being torn down to make way for a Bass Pro. Despite the fact I am a guitar player he left an indelible mark on my soul with music that has never grown old despite my otherwise. God bless you Mr. Wright. I hope you are carrying on……

  3. thankyou doc for all of these pod casts and especially this one in partivcular. rick wright\’s playing was just incredible and after hearing \”breakthrough\” i cried! his spirited and haunting playing just sent shivers down my spine every time. richard you will be missed by many. thankyou for your music and you are in inspiration to all. god bless you rick and i\’ll see you when, i also get to see the great gig in the sky. kenny

  4. Gosh, am I glad you have a superb archive. Thank you very much for re-listening to this podcast after the death of Rick. Especially the Violence Sequence is very moving. Maybe something to play when I die …

  5. Rediscovered this in the aftermath of the tragic events of today (September 15th, 2008), and all I can say is thanks Doc. The tears are flowing here.

  6. I have been a great admirer of Richard\’s work (well, except for Sysyphus) and was always a bit puzzled by his virtual anonymity. Just have a look at the Live 8 footage… Do you see anyhting more than a fleeting glimpse or two of Richard during any of the performances? And Dave & Nick seemed to have no problem bringing Rick along for photo ops in their version of Floyd, but did have a problem making him a partner in Pink Floyd, Ltd. Underrated indeed… I\’m also surprised at how dismissive Richard Wright is of his early work with Floyd. I genuinely enjoy \”Remember A Day,\” but precisely no one else, including Richard himself, seems to. Strange that that song was not on your overview of his work, particularly since it was the very first solo composition of his to appear on a Floyd release. (Track 2 on \’Secrets\’) That said, this was a very informative look at an otherwise unexplored corner of Floyd… Many thanks.

  7. Thank you Doctor! Richard Wright is the unsung hero of Pink Floyd and this tribute to him was overdue. I love Rick and believe he has alot more influence in the Floyd sound then most people would give him credit for. Thanks for this.

  8. Really surprised to hear you say that wearing the inside out had never been played live until 2006, especially since I swear I remember them playing it in Edmonton on the \’94 tour. If I remember correctly this is the only DB date for which a recording hasn\’t surfaced, so I guess it will remain a mystery. (for some unknown reason the Edmonton date isn\’t even listed in the Pulse DVD extras, but I have the stub and the newspaper reviews to prove it.)

  9. Great podcast. I, too, think that Richard\’s input into Floyd is underrated. But you did miss out my favourite track by him, and one of my favourite Floyd tracks: \”Stay\” from OBC. He and DG sound great on this throw-away song….

  10. Thanks for another great show, Doc – an eclectic mix of tracks. I especially enjoyed the outtakes from Zabriskie Point and the very experimental version of Sysyphus – illustrating how \’out there\’ Floyd were \’back in the day\’and how much Richard Wright influenced their sound…

  11. Very enjoyable indeed. Listening as I\’m working at home. His playing has always been very haunting and used to be much more to the front in the \’old days\’- listen again to More or Obscured by Clouds to hear some of his best work. It was great to see him recently in London on the \’On an Island\’ tour, the highlight for everyone being Echoes – truly awesome!

  12. Summer of \’68 is one of the all time under-rated songs! I remember buying Masters Of Rock on vinyl in 1978 or so from a bootleg record shop in Harvard Square. But I hadn’t known that Rick wrote 2 of a kind, it really sounds like a Barrett composition. Nice work, Doc, you’ve done it again!

  13. hey Doc, Great show. Rick has always been one of my favorites in the band. I\’ve stated before that I met Rick at a Floyd show in Pontiac, Michigan during the MLR tour. I\’d like all Rick\’s and your fans to know that Mr. Wright is everything we would hope him to be. He\’s a flat out, down to earth, nice guy. Cool as hell in a music world where it\’s hard to be honestly cool. He took alot of time out after that show to speak with me about this and that. I made a point not to talk about Floyd or any band related things because I\’m sure he get\’s that all the time. Perhaps this is why he was nice enough to talk to me about some of his passion\’s which are his boat, and sailing when not with family, friends, and playing and writing music. I did not ask him for his autograph. During our chat\’s, it was hard not to think of him playing Echoes :). John M.

  14. mm, i\’m so glad to finally hear the violent sequence – the oh-so-short clip in the making of the dark side documentary whetted my appetite and left me hanging- thanks muchos

  15. An excellent podcast! I had been meaning to ask for a show dedicated to Richard, but I figured others had done so. Turns out I was right! Well done, Doc… keep em coming!

  16. IT would be so nice (ahem!) to see Richard Wright\’s contributions noted. When considering Nick Mason\’s… er, on second thoughts!

  17. Thanks for another great show, Doc – an eclectic mix of tracks. I especially enjoyed the outtakes from Zabriskie Point and the very experimental version of Sysyphus – illustrating how \’out there\’ Floyd were \’back in the day\’and how much Richard Wright influenced their sound…

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