The Wright Stuff

Show #72 Release date: 11. November, 2006

This podcast, at the request of others, celebrates the music of Richard Wright and the contributions he made to Pink Floyd. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “The Wright Stuff

  1. I can listen to this all day – and I often have done. Years later it still resonates. An essential piece of listening for any self-respecting Floyd head. Well done Doc.

    • This is still my ‘go-to’ Podcast on this site Doc. A lovely piece of work by you. Hard to believe its 12 years now. I was in Italy on holidays when I heard the news. My wife and I then headed straight for Pompeii. Was fortunate enough to be in the audience for the 2nd and 3rd tracks on this, ‘Breakthrough’ and ‘Wearing The Inside Out Out’, truly amazing nights.

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