The Wall L.A. Premiere!

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a Wall gig and I’ve passed over this one long enough. This is an interesting concert from Pink Floyd’s opening night of The Wall Tour in Los Angeles, California, 7. February, 1980. A few years ago, a new transfer was made from the master tapes but it still had some flaws. Some that were fixed and some that weren’t or went overlooked, anyway, not anymore. If you have this recording already in your collection, you’ll still want to check this out because it will be the best version of this recording you’ve heard. I gave it the doctored treatment! Here’s the playlist. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “The Wall L.A. Premiere!

  1. Thanks for this unique show! I’m also very thankful you tacked on the TV and movie samples they used on the album. Is there a list of those somewhere?

  2. Thank you, Doc!!

    Am I wrong when I think David is singing on behalf of Pink’s wife in “The Trial” in this concert?

  3. Doc – Thank you for releasing this show complete with your masterly fixing, doctoring and comments!
    I have heard a couple of live recordings of The Wall, but this now takes pride of place as the ‘definitive version’.

  4. The instrumental jam sounds similar in places to any colour you like. Fantastic jam and the best sounding wall show from this date Iv herd

  5. Yes, you‘re right: the best version I‘ve ever heard. I was in Dortmund, Westfalenhalle, 20.2.1981. The entrance fee was 49 Deutschmark. My entrance fee to this podcast is the entrance fee on the ticket from 07. February 1980; I donated.
    Regards from Hannover!

  6. I was at this show, sitting on the side about parallel with the soundboard. It was not long after the terrible catastrophe at The Who concert in Philadelphia where several kids got trampled or death so, when Roger called for the show to stop because of the fire several people in the middle of the floor seating started to clamber over the seats in a panic move. Fortunately it went no further than that but at the time I thought I was about to witness another tragedy. The fire itself was really more of a smolder, in the curtain roll above the stage ignited by the skyrockets for “In the Flesh” and it caused glowing embers to drift down to the stage which seemed like an intentional special effect on top of all the other amazing stuff that actually was part of the the show. What an amazing evening!

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