The Rehearsals

For this podcast, practice makes perfect!  It’s very similar to a previous podcast I did 10 years ago called “Soundcheck” (which makes for a great companion to this edition of brain damage) anyway… this time, its a complete 1994 soundcheck! When I was going through stuff, I was surprised that I never featured this entire rehearsal before. I’ve only played a few bits and pieces. So… why not. All doctored up for your ears!  A rare glimpse into very laid back Pink Floyd rehearsal. Here’s the playlist.

6 thoughts on “The Rehearsals

  1. You nailed it, again !! I’ve been listening for years and “Soundcheck” has always been one of my favorite podcasts of yours. This is a incredible companion to that. I had some extra money sitting in my PayPal account so I donated to the wonderful work you do here. Thanks Doc.

  2. Thanks for another great podcast, Doc! Technical glitches aside (not yours), this is nice to listen to since we don’t have to hear the audience yelling and/or trying to sing along–esp on WYWH…

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