The Night

It’s not just about the time of day, its also about the mood. Much like Sunrise and Sundown, except this podcast goes through the night. Each track mentions the night and some others just feel like it. Perfect listening anytime or the night, of course. Enjoy! Here’s the playlist and please donate!

16 thoughts on “The Night

  1. Thanks, Doc! Donating again as soon as my next payday! I hope you can find a way to keep this going. I’m not on Facebook so don’t engage there but I follow you on Twitter and occasionally post here.
    Have you considered the Patreon model?

  2. Just curious, during the concerts, who did the talking to the to the audience-Roger or David? Have any whole concerts, where you can hear them chat to the crowd?

  3. Another awesome set Doc!

    Wish Roger would do a redo of The Tide is Turning but with much darker lyrics to match these strange days.

  4. You’ve solved a riddle for me. Ever since Rattle That Lock came out I have sort of felt drawn to “And then…” but I could never really understand why, it isn’t any outstanding bit of music. However, paired with “Golden Hair”, my absolute favourite of Syd song, I clearly understand. It seems like thy belong together, like DG wrote that as a sequel to the Barrett one. Thanks Doc, that was a real revelation!

  5. Another very good show.

    This masterpiece must continue. Dig deep all and cough up a few pennies fellow listeners. A low price to pay for a high return.

    The world will be a worse place without this podcast. Keep alive what’s real, pay for quality, and keep Zucker-meta-tosh from pervading. Imagine if it were gone. I can’t.

    In the immortal words of the prophet Waters: “ah, you m-fers, donate!”.

    • This is the truth. I am ponying up right now. Thanks, Doc, for everything. The archives are magnificent, but just knowing you are really out there making this for us is for keeps.

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