The Last Bell

Photo by Jill Furmanovsky

Earl’s Court 1994. Photo by Jill Furmanovsky

WIN an A3 print of this image from! Here’s an excellent DAT master recording from block 3, row X, at Earl’s Court, 29 October, 1994. Its an amazing recording with a little grit all EQ’d, doctored up and whatnot. It was the last show of the Division Bell Tour and would be the last Pink Floyd concert until 2005 when the band reunited for their appearance at Live8. Enjoy!  Here’s the playlist.

13 thoughts on “The Last Bell

  1. thnx again doc. not a new show for me, but had to listen due to it’s historical “value”
    Saw the floyd some 1,5 months before in belgium, the one where David broke a string during comf numb.
    what a night it was,…
    keep going strong!

  2. Love the job you do with these!
    Last summer was doing long walk in the wilderness, at some point I needed some music during the walk. Fired up one your podcasts… scenery was top one, but gotta admit, the live PF music did something extra to it 🙂

  3. hi doc thanks for this one..I saw this show in Toronto..amazingly enough totally sober..I went with people my ex a limo..with a fucking 12 pack of beer for between 4 of us and no smokeables..still a great show though

  4. Thanks, Doc!

    Do you think (how do you feel) there will be more Pink Floyd concerts ahead? With David, Nick, Guy and maybe Bob Ezrin … I think it’s still possible. I do not exclude that after Nick’s tour David will invite him to work on the brand’s new album.

  5. I love the way DSOTM starts with this recording, as if the conversations of the audience merge with what could be the recorded voices, the listener does not quite know, before the audience go quiet in expectation.

  6. Excellent, as always, Doc. I’ve been ignoring these years for a while because of over-saturation, but this brought me right back to ’94, the concerts, the PPV special and eventually PULSE. Thank you for what you do.

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