The Eyes Have It (part 1)

Jeepers creepers! Where did the time go?  So sorry for the lateness on this one and on a leap year no less!  This podcast was going to be a very long one originally but it was too much so I ended up breaking it up into two parts.  Part 2 will be posted in two weeks.

For  this, its all about the eyes. You see them pop up many times in Floyd’s lyrics.  I hope you enjoy this one of two.  Here’s the playlist!  I decided to have some fun with it.  See if you can figure out whats what.

8 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It (part 1)

  1. Doc – I see what you’ve done here, no blinking and you’ll miss it, it’s in full sight, rubbing my eyes in disbelief it’s so good. Only down side is not having part 2 now: 5 hours, c’mon!. Where’s the Rog/Life from?, sounds like studio/too good for live performance right? If listeners don’t donate to this they’re blind, or deaf – TC

  2. Hey Doc! Just sat down at my desk for a full day of report writing. This podcast is going to keep me company for a bit. Great selection of songs. I had no idea eyes were such a common theme in Floyd’s lyrics. Also, I love the DSOTM themed image. One of my all time favourite album covers… EVER!

  3. Man, I cannot believe the effort you put into all this. Kudos to you! I actually thought the same about Run Like Hell as you expressed after the song. Donation on its way!

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