The Dark Side of The Hub

The first podcast of 2013 and keeping it close to home. You all voted on facebook for a 1972-73 era Pink Floyd concert.  There seemed to be a leaning towards a 1973 gig.

So for this one it’s from Boston at the Music Hall, 14th March 1973.  It’s decent recording but it needed a lot of work.  Doctored up and I hope it sounds good for you.  It may need a tweak on your system’s EQ then again, it may not.  Enjoy!  Please don’t forget the donation button is located on the “about” section located above.  Thanks!

20 thoughts on “The Dark Side of The Hub

    • I was also at the music hall in boston that night. I lived in cambridge. My van broke down on the way in. Left it on the side of the road. Ran across boston common and got in , sat in first balcony. Lots if smoke in the hall. Great memory. 68 yrs old now. Still wear a dark side tee shirt. Lots of comments. That’s a nice recording. I”m a professional piano tuner. This is great. Thanks

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  2. .. Gotta catch up with your latest 2 or 3 Podcasts Matt, I’ve been slacking..! Had a quick check up on this gig in my Glen Povey(?) book, appears it had a weird set list order. It appears in 73 the Floyd changed the order of songs quite a bit ( for them! ) but this one opening with CWTAE is seriously unique.. I’m looking forward to it.. ;-))

  3. Dr have you seen the footage that has been found of the march 24th gig at the Municipal Auditorium released by Harvested video great super 8 footage of this show,Childhoods end,careful with and and echoes and most of dark side. great stuff

  4. Doc Doc Doc, great download!!! thankyou sooooo much. i never heard this “dark side of the moon” concert before. just awesome! damn “us and them” was awesome. great sound on the whole podcast. im starting to dig the recordings in 1973. not bad at all. i can see some great differences in this concert as compared to the newer ones out there.
    thankyou for this great podcast! thumbs way way way up high, on this one!,

  5. a late comment, and a big thank you as always, matt! it’s the variations that make it exciting, love the concert casts just as much as your themed shows! been digging myself into this one! the video links are coming in great!! still have to catch up on your interview on BD! cheers, bernhard

  6. Surprised ’73 won out over ’77 – though looking forward to the second place too – but a good one, from “Boston’s” – many thanks, a treat for the commuting ears as usual – the show (and wit) on top form, an ode that this year will be better in every way Doc – already excited by the prospect of Wembley in Sept, and only the 40th anniversary of Dark Side to enjoy in the meantime! – vive le 2013! – AL

  7. Yes I too love the full concerts – I always lose myself in the atmosphere and try and put myself in the show of the guy who recorded it. I even like the snatches of between song chat from the audience! So keep the shows coming please! This is another great show from a transitional era.

  8. Love all your work, Doc, and I particularly like these less-circulated full shows. Interesting to hear DSOTM as it evolves from the early raw renditions toward the Immersion/’75 masterworks. And any Obscured by Clouds is g

  9. Doc, another masterpiece! I enjoy the full concerts, it is kind of nice to ‘live through’ the concert as it was played. Of course I also enjoy the mixes. Great job! Keep up the good work. We do appreciate them.

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