The Bright Side of The Moon

BD205It’s been said Pink Floyd are spokesmen for the disappointed.  There’s some truth to that but there’s actually a lot of positive and uplifting material as well.  A rather unusual theme for a Pink Floyd radio show, for this we stare into the bright side. What better way to end the year?  Thank you for listening and enjoy!  (and if you do, please consider a small donation). Here’s the playlist!

Photo by: Hila Oren

7 thoughts on “The Bright Side of The Moon

  1. Love the versions of ‘Outside the Wall’, ‘Terminal Frost’ (always been a big fave of mine) and ‘Signs of Life’. Was the full big brass band version ever made available? I reckon Floyd management missed a trick with The Wall Immersion set by not including the film soundtrack version of The Wall.

    On a better note, a lovely Podcast to end the year, look forward to another year of great listening.

  2. Whoah! This Signs Of Life outtake is cool! Are there other alternate versions of Momentary Lapse out there? Believe it or not, I’d really love a Momentary Lapse themed podcast if there’s enough alternate things and extras out there! Might be a nice comparison to some of the 87-89 shows you’ve put up over the years!

    Look for a year-end donation from me soon enough. Thanks for all that you do, all year long, Doc!

  3. Thanks, as always, for all your work! Think I’ll kick in a few more bucks so you can buy a beer or twelve!
    Cheers, and Merry Christmas!

  4. that’s a great introduction for the last few weeks of 2013, it’s been quite a year, many respects…. cheers time and again for your efforts, they are highly valued!!!! b.

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