The Back Catalogue

Show #90 Release date: 20. July, 2007

The image to the right is an alternate version of the famed back catalogue poster.  The girls are the same except the relics girl is missing and the album order from left to right is different.

Brain Damage listener Shaidar Cuebiyar challenged me to do a podcast only based on that image.  His requirements were as follows;

– One or two live versions of tracks from each album.
– Each performance must have occurred before the poster was made in 1996.
– Performances should be as close chronologically to the relevant album as possible.

Okay, fair enough.

2 thoughts on “The Back Catalogue

  1. Hello,

    I’d like to know where i can find a high-defininition picture of this alternate back catalogue poster. Would you help me please ? 🙂 Thx !

    Que viva Pink Floyd ! 😉

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