The Avian Variety

This podcast developed out of another idea I had.  For this installment, we turn to our fine feathered friends. Its amazing how many different birds are mentioned or heard in Pink Floyd’s music… There’s mention of an Albatross, Kingfisher, Owl, Swan, Jackdaw, Woodpecker, Pigeon, Dove, Vulture, Magpie, Sparrow and the Eagle. I present to you an ornithological podcast.  Here’s the playlist! 

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8 thoughts on “The Avian Variety

  1. My friends & I were celebrating my 60th , I was at the Sunday & Tuesday shows which were both great ( Radio City was my favorite) sorry I missed you I was looking forward to meeting you in person as I owe you a long overdue donation for the best podcast on line.My first Floyd show was 39 years ago in Anaheim and your pods of that tour bring back great memories. I will get one to you post haste. Thanks.

    • Hi Mike. Unfortunately not but I’ll only be attending the MSG gig tomorrow on the 11th. You’ll find me at Local West Cafe next to MSG from 4p till around 7:30p. I’ll be on the roof deck (weather permitting). Hope to see you there.

  2. Very much looking forward to this, Doc – I seem to like the thematic collections better than most concerts (except if they are from before 1973). Thanks as always!

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