Sweet July

Pink+FloydI did it.  Somehow I managed to find what very little spare time I had to work on this month’s edition of Brain Damage.  I’m relieved because I didn’t want to skip a month.  There’s no theme for this one but its got a nice collection of recordings with a few I’ve never featured before. Its mostly early material book ended with more contemporary solo material.  I hope you enjoy it.  Here’s the playlist.  Please comment and if you can, donate.  Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Sweet July

  1. Wow Doc, I found your podcast just yesterday via a mention on Yeeshkul, and I am so very happy that I did! Today your Echoes show was the first thing capable of ripping me away from The Endless River, which I’ve (naturally) had on repeat since it was released almost two weeks ago. In 35+ years of listening to piles and pile of Pink Floyd, I had somehow never come across any of the versions of Echoes with the alternate lyrics, and I’m hooked now on following your sonic adventure. Thank you for all of this!

    I have to say, historic significance aside, the boys ripped it up on that Embryo, by far transcending the sub-par-but-adequate sonic quality of the tape. What a ride! Thanks for sharing, and sharing with style, at that.

    Cheers! Nice to meet you. Happy Floyd Friday, and have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Excellent as usual; I don’t recall hearing most of these recordings before, thanks! BTW, that Embryo version sounded like it had the start of “Breathe” and the jammy part of “Echoes” (like the section of echoes just after the 2nd verse). Funny, because the “seagulls” part of Echoes originates in Embryo too; it was included in the live version from the first “BBC sessions” from 1970. I wouldn’t mind a shout out for my art in somer future podcast 🙂

  3. Hiya doc. Thankyou for thus podcast and the great others that ive downloaded all of these years. You are da man!
    On a side note , I finally got my raise but wont be probably seeing it until oct. Expect a nice suprise in your donation box , at that time.. I def appriciate all that you do. You put alot in this and the work you do is awesome! Cheers!

    • Cool …he deserves it. These PodCasts are fantastic.

      …Doc, if I ever have real money …you shall have some.

  4. Downloading it now. Super! Aside comment (don’t know where else to ask this) Does anyone know where I can learn more about the making of the ‘Meddle’ album? Doesn’t seem to be as much info extant on ‘Meddle’ as there is with all the other records. Or even just some depthful analysis, commentary, review?

  5. 1st class selection Doc, thank you. These live versions of Fat old sun give me goose bumps. Each time.

    Christophe (Brussels)

    • Wonderful show as usual, Doc! Any idea what Dave sang at the beginning of Fat Old Sun? Sounds like “When that fat old someone…” instead of “When that fat old sun…”

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