Sverige 89

Its been a while since I posted something from Floyd’s “Another Lapse Tour” and its the first time I’ve posted something from Sweden.  Så, njut av den här utgåvan av Brain Damamge. Det är en utmärkt inspelning från Globe Arena 15, juni 1989.  Här är spellistan!

2 thoughts on “Sverige 89

  1. Great work Doc. But yes, that muthafucker clapping along needs his head examined. I mean, clapping to the OPENING of Sorrow?? There’s no godamn beat!

  2. These are the times when I love having a 70 minute commute… Only half way through it but since this was my first Floyd show, I just absolutely love this! Thank you Doc! Even today, every time I hear Signs of Life, I recall the feeling I got the moment the camera moves under the water surface in the accompanying film.

    Having seen DG a handful of times on the last tour, it is interresting to hear how a song like Sorrow has evolved over the years and how he has “taken posession” over it. The way he made that guitar growl on the last night at RAH a year ago surpasses this by great lenghts.

    Oh, and by the way, I am not the one talking all through the recording, as am I not clapping on the Sorrow intro, apologies on behalf of all Swedish fans. It seems these kind of people exist all over the globe.

    Så, tack för detta, Doktorn! Mina donationer kommer fortsätta komma in varje månad och förhoppningsvis göra nytta!

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