Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Show #114 Release date: 11. July, 2008

Bet you didn’t think you”d see a new podcast so soon, well I had an itch to scratch.  I managed to put this one together with what little spare time I had.  Thank you for all the nice comments.  Most of you have been going through some withdrawal… So medication time!

Roger Waters, In The Flesh 2002 Tour, live from Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile, 5. March 2002.  Doctored for supersound!

1 thought on “Surprise, surprise, surprise!

  1. Each time I hear “It’s a miracle” I get reminded that that song probably is one of RW:s finest moments. Paired with “Amused to Death” it makes some fine, strong and emotional music art.

    “Then the piano lid comes down…”

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