Stop Building The Wall Please

Hello, Welcome back. Here is show #40.
No theme for this one, just some killer Floyd tunes and runs 104minutes.

What do you think, should I post playlists with each new podcast or would you rather have the element of surprise?

Oh, in case you’re curious… the photo is of Devil’s Golf Course, taken in Death Valley, near Zabriskie Point. The terrain is where the name of the song Crumbling Land originates. Photo Bradley Jaycovered car trailer for sale

3 thoughts on “Stop Building The Wall Please

  1. Doc; Just discovered the website a few days ago. I have been collecting PF for a few years now and finding your site was like finding buried treasure or like that dream I often have of finding a trove of books that I treasured as a kid that has long been lost. Keep up the great work, I will be coming here regularly.

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