Stitched Up

lapseIf you loved the Raw Sound of Thunder or any of the other Momentary Lapse soundboard podcasts, then you’re going love this!  Its an early Momentary Lapse of Reason tour, soundboard recording (post “Echoes”, but don’t worry, I got you covered).  Live at the Brendan Byrne Meadowlands Arena, East Longmeadow, New Jersey, 11 October 1987.  Here’s the playlist! 

7 thoughts on “Stitched Up

  1. Your recent p’casts – soundboards from Animals and Momentary Lapse have been amazing – some of your best releases – have enjoyed them immensely, Doc.

  2. Thanks for posting this show. I was there, by george. Brings back memories.

    Question, what’s this Echoes from? Idon’t recall having heard this version.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed and it and that it brought back some fond memories. Echoes that you hear, I mention in the podcast, is made up of two different recordings. one from Toronto Lester Pearson airport hanger and the other is from Philadelphia

  3. Based on Shine On…probably the best Lapse soundboard you’ve given us to date. But with Shine On part 1’s opening keyboards, even by 87 standards when it had a lot of New Age layering, the degree of improv is quite staggering when you compare this to the version they pretty married for life with from 1988 onwards.

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