Southampton 69

For this edition of Brain Damage, its an excellent sounding, fully restored recording form the 9th of May 1969. This is the second show for the band on this date and they are on fire even for such a late show. We start things off with a nice sing-a-long from Nicks’ Saucer’s recent visit to Luxembourg. Here’s the playlist. Please enjoy and if you do, consider a small donation to help support the site. Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Southampton 69

  1. That version of ASoS in the beginning with the crowd chorus at the end is very haunting.
    I always love that track…this was different though.
    Something else indeed!
    The Southampton ‘69 show is tasty indeed.
    Thank you very much for the upload and your great work over the years!

  2. Me too! This chimp chimped in (after grappling with the increasingly-draconian Paypal for approximately two weeks). Huzza.

    Hagbard Celine’s First Law. awk

  3. I’m going crazy trying to figure out the opening song of the podcast. I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable Floyd fan, but admit the pre Meddle period. I still have a lot to learn. I checked Nick Mason’s setlist in Luxembourg on June 15th, nothing was there to really help.

      • Hey Doc!
        when you mention SOS – last week I saw Nick here in Hamburg, Germany. It was incredible. Really! Better than the First Tour.
        Now I have a Theme for you: Beside a full Concert of Nick and Roger too, why not an ECHOES themed Podcast thru the decades? That would be fun. The Live Version of Nick was sooo good. By the way, did Roger ever do an Echoes Performance? Don’t know.
        Thanks. may you be besser. Stay healthy!

  4. Alright, what a treat! I think this is one of the earliest full concert recordings you’ve featured. A great selection to whet our appetites for Nick and co’s upcoming US shows! Thanks Matt.

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