Something Blue

Show #104 Release date: 9. February, 2008

Tried and true, is the color of blue.  Blue is a teardrop from my eye.  Blue is the notes of a lullaby, and blue is the breeze from the sky.  Blue flows smoothly in streams.  Blue is pretty nice it seems.  I like blue in my dreams. But, then there’s this, my favorite blue, my latest from me to you.  No playlist for this one… makes it more fun.  Enjoy.

Running Time; 2h:07m:00s

2 thoughts on “Something Blue

  1. Great theme and execution on this one, Doc. The result is a really fun and eclectic mix that jumps around eras; throws in live, rare, studio, and solo material; a really dynamic listening experience that has you guessing what the next turn will be. If you’re browsing the site or podcast feed wondering what to sample next, don’t pass this one by!

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