Some of It’s Parts

bd224This is a follow up of sorts to the “My Favorite Things” podcast #219.  For this, it’s my favorite solo bits from the latest to earliest of each solo effort. We hear David’s new material and Roger’s new song debuted at this year’s Newport Folk Festival.  Also included is material from Nick, Rick and Syd’s solo efforts as well (of course).  Hope you enjoy it.  Al always, thanks for listening!  Here’s the playlist

16 thoughts on “Some of It’s Parts

  1. Hi Doc. Downloaded this a while ago but only just listened to it for the first time this week.!!! What an amazing collection. Always loved folded flags, thanks for including. Cheers. DPH
    Ps. You heard any rumours around this London 2016 reunion? Seen the waters, gilmour, mason posters on social media.

  2. Seen BritFloyd August 7th Portland, OR A must see for any Pink Floyd Fan
    Thanks to the Doctor, Severe neurological disabilities after complete remission of advanced malignant melanoma following fotemustine therapy in combination with total brain irradiation.

  3. Another great one! I won’t even get all grammar Nazi on the title. 😀

    Any word if there’s going to be an official release from the Newport festival?

    • HAHA! Thank you! The title of the podcast is deliberate… it’s a pun.
      Here we focus on SOME of its parts (solo material) that make up the sum (the band).

      Now repeat after me, “an acre is the area of a rectangle whose length is one furlong and who’s width is one chain”

      No word on an official release.

  4. thank u sir for all the listening pleasure u have given me…i still am wanting to fund u a bit but i have to get to it,,,no cc u know,,,will do so soon tho…u r too much

    • Thank you! “Holiday” is a great track but “Summer Eulogy” is better IMO. The podcast was about my favorite one track off each solo album. It was a very hard decision when it came to Rick’s work.

  5. Thanks Doc for sharing your favorite things of each part of the Floyd. It’s always welcome to my ears your fine job, so thank you so much for your effort and time on it.
    Best regards, H.

  6. Thank you Matt.
    It’s a really nice podcast. How great is it that you can still come up with new exciting monthly podcasts after all these years!


  7. Thankyou Matt, I’m downloading now and I can’t wait to listen. This is becoming a great year for floyd fans. Thankyou for another great podcast!

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