Sheffield 1970

I love a good upgrade to well known audience recordings! Who doesn’t? They rarely come around, but when they do, rest assured it will be here, and here it is. From City Hall, Sheffield, England, 22. December, 1970. It features a rare performance of Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast! The sound is amazing to begin with but it’s still doctored up, detailed, if you will. Hope you like and if you do, please help support the podcast! Thank you! Here’s the playlist.

8 thoughts on “Sheffield 1970

  1. This is an amazing set- not sure I can put my finger on it, but it’s slightly different than other similar shows of the era. Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast was meant to be played as it is here. Mind blown!

  2. First timer on this page but a Floyd love since early 80s. Love AHM era materials. Can’t wait to svelte into more of it.


  3. Hi Matt, muy buenas selecciones estás haciendo últimamente, me encanta, quiero preguntarte si sabes o conoces dónde puedo conseguir la grabación del concierto de los FABFOUR DE CAMBRIDGE, de fecha 2 de abril de 1994, tengo del 3 de abril, pero quisiera conseguir la del 2 de abril… gracias… discúlpame el pedido pero no encuentro este concierto…

    • ¡Perdón por mi respuesta tardía! No tengo el 2 de abril en mi biblioteca y no lo veo disponible en ningún otro lugar. Con suerte, aparecerá.

  4. It was really nice to hear a show with more
    Atom Heart Mother material,
    particularly Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast!
    Is it just me or was 1970 the year of the power loss for Pink Floyd?
    In any case,
    great sound and a great set.
    Thanks again, Doc!

  5. Fantastic upgrade. Never really heard a decent version of Alan psychedelic breakfast live, with the making breakfast on stage, so this really… Pops! Love all the Roger audience/banter as well.

  6. Perfect sunday: perfect podcast, perfect show, perfect sound.
    I support with my donation. Thank you, Doc!
    Regards from Hannover!

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