Saarbrücken 1970

The definitive Pink Floyd radio show is back for it’s 17th year as a podcast. In this edition we take a listen to a nice clean rip from a famous vinyl bootleg called “Pictures of Pink Floyd!” It was released in two volumes in 1971, with a gripping ten minute improv before Embryo, sometimes called “Corrosion”, but on this bootleg it was titled “The librest spacement (monitor).

To start things off, I feature a cut from 20 February, 1972 at the Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London. Remastered and doctored for supersound!. Here’s the playlist! Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Saarbrücken 1970

  1. What is it about this recording? The band seem to be playing louder and more aggressively. Furthermore, it’s faultless: there are no flubbed notes or transitions between sections. It’s gone right up there as my favourite of this period.

  2. Hi Matt, algún día podrás publicar The Madcap’s Last Laugh, Syd Barrett tribute concert – May 10th, 2007? thanks!!!!

  3. What a show and what a great recording. Thank you for making it available to all of us. Glad the donations have helped you along the way for our future listening pleasure!

  4. …and I couldn‘t wait to give you a donation. Great work, thank you. „Pictures of Pink Floyd Vol I“ and „Pictures of Pink Floyd Vol II“ were my first bootlegs, bought in the last century on Hannover Flea-Market for 15 Deutsch Marks together with ELP‘s Sukrat.
    Regards from Hannover

  5. Hi Matt. Happy new year. Interesting recording and great quality. Would be interesting to know if it’s really from the Saarbrücken, Germany, concert on 28 November 1970. Some bootleg sources say yes. Some others say it’s from Gothenburg, Sweden, 11 November 1970. And others again say that parts (Atom Heart Mother) are from Offenbach, Germany, 26 February 1971. Anyway, great job you’ve done. Cheers.

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