Rotterdam 1994

Nothing is better than a big outdoor concert in the summertime! I’m sure Ive said it before but it makes me happy. This is one show I wish I had been to because its got such a cool vibe. Live from Rotterdam, Netherlands, Stadion Feijenoord, affectionately called De Kuip, 4. September, 1994! The band sounds great and everyone is having a good time. The sound quality is excellent to begin with but it had some flaws that needed to be addressed. Its all fixed up and doctored! Here’s the playlist but you really don’t need it. Interestingly, the band played only three songs from The Division Bell. Enjoy! Donate! Thank you!

11 thoughts on “Rotterdam 1994

  1. Doc it was a cold n dark night bro,……and that vibe was so mellow n chilled was because doors opened at 3.30 for an 8.00p.m show,……….so everyone was sat down crossed legged, and everyone Inc cool security getting super baked on the legal weed n eddibles,…great weed, and because, of this…..1 of the best , shows ever………sex, weed n rowk n rowl !!!

  2. I was There on the first night i was 17 and it was the best thing i had ever seen. The sound the lights the Airplane fiat only was in the first night and pigs on the towers. It was fantastic

  3. I was at this gig, traveled all the way from Scotland as it was roumoured there would be no UK shows if i remember then they announced about 14 nights in London

  4. Great sound and some sublime stuff there sir ,as, of course is ALL Floyd stuff 🙂
    Thanks for this and all your earlier EPIC podcasts – great for getting through a tough work day !!!
    Keep them coming. I’m relying on these to keep me sane these days !

  5. I’ve yet to clear my desk and get into this savory installment of BD. But looking at the playlist again (and anticipating the enjoyment to come), it occurs to me to ask about a favorite Floyd song of mine, only because its one which I rarely see mentioned by anyone. ‘Lucifer Sam’. Such a fun, memorable tune, at least for me. I’m frequent to punch it up for the crowd whenever I’m in front of a jukebox. Can’t recall how I was ever introduced to it though, and I’m shocked to realize I don’t have a copy of any version at all, in my own library. What’s the best version of this cool number?

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