Roger In Newport

When Roger announced via Facebook on May 21, 2015 that he would be participating in the 2015 Newport Folk Festival and promised “an intimate appearance specifically crafted set for Newport Folk,” the ambiguity of his declaration had Floyd-heads reeling at the possibilities. Here is a great sounding FoH mix of Roger Waters live at the Newport Folk Festival on July 24th 2015. Here’s the playlist! Doctored for super-sound. Enjoy!

This podcast is dedicated in memory of “Bluenose Matt” Amore.


13 thoughts on “Roger In Newport

  1. Doc thank you for putting this up. I never heard this one before. It was beautiful. Just listening to it ,just put xmchills down my spine again. I love the magic that Roger always put Into his music!
    Ps for anyone who heard that Roger is retiring after his next concert, in 2020……. I saw an interview the other day that Roger was just joking and was doing what Every one else was doing, by saying they were retiring, then they show up to do another record and concert. I think Roger put it as ” the first leg of retirement concert of the retirement concert times 3″ . Roger scared me a little by saying that he was going to retire, but I should have known better, he just has to,much to say, write, and perform. He got me good.
    I can’t wait for the new concert in 2022. We have to all find a place to meet up in NYC.
    Thank you again Matt.
    Ps Matt if my long reply doesn’t fit here, feel free to edit some out.
    Great podcast, thank you again.

  2. Wow, Doc! What a great sounding gig. You can almost feel G.E. Smith pulling the new guys through the tunes. That’s a pesky delay on Roger’s voice, too. Is this from multiple sources?

    Such a nice listen. So great to hear such a raw and un-fixed live recording of a few different tunes.

    • Very well said about GE Smith! That’s exactly what he was doing (just like his SNL days) and it worked so well. MMJ was amazing!

  3. It was great to hear this in such better quality and with less crowd noise. Thanks for this! I’m curious why you cut out the Reagan bit on the new Bravery release though. I like the juxtaposition of Reagan’s words with the reality of the world that administration built.

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