Rock In Roma 2018

This one is right out of surgery. Post Op is already going very well! This recording needed some help, stat.  A complete medical briefing is presented in this latest podcast.

Countless hours were spent mending, tweaking  and removing clicks. Several auditory tests were run using studio, home, auto and personal audio devices to ensure the absolute best listening experience.

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17 thoughts on “Rock In Roma 2018

  1. Hi! If you don’t mind me asking, where did the bit from the end come from, of Vera, Bring The Boys Back Home and the singing before Brain Damage? Love all the podcasts, thanks a lot for doing them!

    • Thanks for the kind words! I think you’re referring to “last few bricks”. that particular version is from Pink Floyd‘s 2000 release of the wall live “is there anybody out there“

      • Sorry Doc, this is the Rock in Roma podcast not the David Gilmour guitar one. Right at the end of the Rock in Roma podcast there’s a really nice sounding clip of BTBBH, Vera and some of the nice singing heard before Brain Damage.

          • Sorry, I mean which show? Because it sounds like a soundboard, but not desert trip? Or am I getting a bit confused?

          • My apologies… Now I understand. Vera and Bring The Boys Back Home is from Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL, 11th July 2017.

  2. Regarding your “rant”: Well said and we are so happy to have you as the only source we need for quality Floyd entertainment.

    I must say, it would have been interesting to hear how this source sounded with the clicks and audio cues included, at least a small portion of it, if not but to appreciate your work even more! 🙂

    And for last, something I’ve been thinking about after the Us+Them shows I saw last year. Dave K is doing a stellar work but for the most part he has, I think, more and more after touring all these years with RW learned to mimic DG:s solo part almost to perfection. Do we want that? Do we want someone who tries to play these parts note for note when we still know that it is not Gilmour there on stage? In my opinion, it is way better when he keeps the “essence” of the solos but allows himself to add som Kilminster colour to them. I might very well the last one to this party, but there they are, my five cents.

  3. Thanks for another great set! Was the Shine On/Set The Controls Twitter question to help you choose the intro song?

    Also, have to say that as much as I like Comfortably Numb, it would be refreshing to hear something else as a closer from Rog and Dave! I know Nick will do me right in Chicago in April.

  4. Really looking forward to listening to this. Just want to say, Doc, that it’s been a pleasure listening to you over the years. I was an avid listener a decade ago in college and only rediscovered you about a year ago. Thanks for reminding me what I was missing. All the best from Ireland.

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