Show #112 Release date: 30. May, 2008

If any of you fellow Floydians or Floydettes dig EDM, Trance, Techno, Ambient, or House music then this podcast is right up your alley.  If you don’t like that kind of stuff, an open mind is required.

Running time: 1h:50m:14s

3 thoughts on “Remix’d

  1. This is, as with all Brain Damage shows, a lot of fun. I’m one of those Pink Floyd fans who also loves techno, house, ambient, and other electronic music. Most re-mixes of Floyd are quite dodgy – for example, the Eric Prydz Another Brick that Matt mentions. Atrocious. The rave track that kicks things off at 4:36 doesn’t have much going for it either. I enjoy classic rave every now and then, but this has little to do with Pink Floyd. And, oof, the last minute of this mix, the remix of On an Island…yikes.

    Once the mix moves into ambient dub/psy-ambient territory, though, there’s a lot to enjoy here. The Pillow of Winds remix at 20:34 is quite lovely. Same with the treatment of If that follows – almost ethereal with those washes of synthesizer. The dark, languid track at 58:00 that samples Obscured by Clouds…this is a long way from trance. Excellent stuff. Then a definite highlight, a remix of Pigs on the Wing (extended version with Snowy White’s solo, no less) that delightfully transforms the song. Washed out acoustic guitar, tinkling piano runs, a rubbery bass line – quite fun. And around 1:23:20, we hear about 30 seconds of samples from The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld.

    A lot of Floyd remixes started appearing in the mid-90s purporting to be the work of The Orb (Alex Patterson plus, variously, Jimmy Cauty, Thomas Fehlmann, Martin Glover, etc.). I’ve always been doubtful of their providence, but there’s obviously a lot of connective tissue between Floyd and the ambient house/dub scenes. Floyd’s influence can be heard and seen in the music, song titles, and artwork of artists including The Orb, Pete Namlook & Klaus Schultze (their famous Dark Side of the Moog series), and Banco de Gaia (Toby Marks). Of course David and The Orb co-created the album Metallic Spheres in 2010. Dick Parry guested on Banco de Gaia’s track Celestine (1997), highly recommended, and a more recent track (The Princess and the Sky Goat) as well. In 2004, Dave guested on the Alan Parsons track Return to Tunguska, which also featured the psy-ambient/psy-dub/psy-trance artist Simon Posford, who records under several names, most famously Shpongle. That’s just a few examples that come quickly to mind. And of course we can talk about the connections that go even further back to the 70s development of kosmiche musik and so on. The connections between Floyd and certain strands of beat-driven, electronic music are quite strong indeed.

    Anyway – fun stuff! Many thanks to Golgo Hakase for doing the work of pulling all this together, and thanks to Matt for featuring it.

  2. I really like this one! A nice mix-up of Floyd tunes. I like how many parts get pretty trippy right about the time I’m starting to trip

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