Reg At Radio City

Here’s a gig I’ve been meaning to feature for quite sometime.  This is a Westwood One radio broadcast of Roger’s 1985 Pros And Cons.  This is not the show/tour with Eric Clapton; but if you want to hear that, check out this episode.  The sound of this gig from Radio City Music Hall is really amazing.  Much better than most versions out there and I explain why in the podcast.  Here’s the playlist. Enjoy!


The broadcast (this podcast) features a live performance of the 2nd set + encore while the 1st set was prerecorded from the night before on March 27th.

18 thoughts on “Reg At Radio City

  1. I’m going out on a limb here but I reckon Roger’s take on ‘Money’ on this tour was the best ever done, trumping the Floyd in their prime, and the ‘Later Years’ Floyd’s reggae inspired 87 – 89 version and 94 take.

    • I was at the 3/28/1985 gig, in fact it was my first ever concert. I wish that was posted. I had the broadcast tape of it for years till it snapped and never got ’round to making a back up tape or a cd. I’ll always remember the rude guy behind with obnoxious whistling but what a great show. I’ve found it on youtube luckily!

  2. Hi, where is the Podcast #261 with the “Rehearsals”? And if it is deletetd, has someone just downloaded the podcast and the setlist? I’m very sad that I was too slowly…

  3. Hey Doc. Interesting version of echoes.
    I’ve heard there is a version of Echoes with a sax solo (?!!!) so I was wondering if you have that and have ever featured it in a podcast?

  4. Hola Matt, cómo se llama el que hace el tema “Learning to Fly” en el bd179a, al principio del podcast???

  5. I’ve been playing this one for a couple of days now, really enjoying it. Brilliant job combining Nothing Part 14 with that version of Echoes. Well done Doc! Thanks!

  6. I think i have this also taped off the radio back in the day and Roger explaining how holophonic of my favorites as it takes me back to my youth.will have a listen later,thanks Doc

  7. I taped this show off the radio in 85… the holophonic broadcast was amazing (after the first song or two when they fixed the echo problem)

  8. Absolutely fantastic how you’ve worked ‘Nothing, part 14’ into Echoes, Doc! Ever since that snippet was released I’ve been hoping the other 23 parts would also come out, but this is just fantastic – many thanks!

  9. Awesomeness. This my first boot purchase on cassette in 1985, the year I discovered PF, so a very special show indeed.

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