wallreduxsiteHappy Holidays!  This podcast is just another piece of random precision for you for this holiday season.

Ever since Roger released his Wall soundtrack, I’ve been playing around with recreating the entire evening’s experience, much like what I originally wanted to do for the Intermission podcast back in February.  This time I used the the film soundtrack but discovered that Roger removed several bits from the original live performance so I, very carefully, put them back using material from the June 2011 Duesseldorf gig.   Here’s the playlist.  Enjoy this little Christmas gift!

15 thoughts on “Redux

  1. Doc
    I have a question for you. With the Super Deluxe Edition of The Wall there is a vinyl pressing of Roger Waters “all new” original score for the film. Do you know of any other way to be able to listen to or to obtain a copy of the all new score without having to own the Super Deluxe Ed? Or, will there be an upcoming release of the score by itself?
    I know its a long shot but I thought you would be the person to ask.

  2. I enjoyed this podcast as i enjoyed this show since 2007 or 08, this one is AMAZING, Roger would be consider to make the whole thing.

    Thanks for this one, BTW any chance to get it on flac or something? 🙂

    If don´t, not to worry, mp3 it´s ok!

    Happy new year Doc!
    Greetings from México.

  3. Thank you, Doctor. I bought his soundtrack (not sure why) and was disappointed those “bits” were left out. Also, I wonder why he chose not to have the intro to Mother in English. Anyway, thanks for putting the “bits” back and making me happy!

  4. Thanks Doc!

    Thank you for another wonderful year of Podcasts! I deeply appreciate all of the hard work, dedication and love you put into these incredible pieces of music. I take for granted how much work is involved to bring each one to fruition. As a lifelong fan, I am really blessed! Thank you again my friend! Looking forward to 2016, David’s shows in the US and of course your podcasts! Happy New Year my friend and thank you again!!

  5. Very nice indeed, really good fixes, particulaly as you’re patching up top-end quality recording. I actually listened to this show all the way through, unlike the official release. I could understand Roger’s editorial choices for the movie but not the CD, which made no sense to me at all. But the fact remains that Roger fumbled the ball on this there are excellent quality audience recordings that better represent this tour. The intermission soundtrack was also great to hear – for me this was a really cool and unexpected part of the shows; the combination of calming music, deliberately low light and faces of loved ones projected on the wall made for an entirely more chilled-out “intermission crowd” than the usual mid-show beer-storm

  6. matt, i have been thinking that ever since you put this up, that i have to say thankyou. there is something else though. i think (im sorry if im wrong) you lost youre grandma in 2012. if i am not mistaken, youre grandma bought you “the wall” album for gift, a long time ago. matt you really never put, a december podcast up, but since this is “the wall” i have to and think you had this in mind … well as far as for me and you, i think that for you too, matt, that this podcast is dedicated to youre grandma. may she be with God in heaven, this day!. while im listening to this podecast , im a dedicating the wall and this great music to you Matt and youre lovely Grandma! luv ya both! this podcasat is sooooo fitting for december! (also thinking about my dad who passed( in 2007) thankyou Matt for you and these incredible podcasts!!!! you rock my brotha. you really do!!!! Merry Christmas to you and youre family! chhers!(raise my beer to you Matt)

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