Roger Waters’ new version of Comfortably Numb has some fans feeling a little out of their comfort zone. This podcast explores other instances where Roger took some creative license. It’s a Roger podcast as he was the biggest offender of reworking his own songs since he went solo. I hope you find it interesting. An open mind is required. Here’s the playlist.  Enjoy!

23 thoughts on “Rearranged

  1. Another absolutely brilliant Floyd podcast. I’ve been listening for ages, but lurking without commenting. Thanks for doing these – they really are excellent. Nice to hear a lot of different,alternative versions of Floyd greatness.

    With Rogers latest tweet supporting David, who knows what the future will bring.
    Rog’s new Dark Side will be a great listen too.

    Fingers crossed for a reunion before I kick the bucket !!!!!

  2. Hey Doc,

    Thanks for making this; this is one of my favorite episodes!

    I was listening to it again recently after the (pretty disappointing) contents of the 50th anniversary DSOTM release were announced, and, if you take show suggestions, I think an “Evolution of Dark Side” would make a great episode.

    There are the early studio pieces like Breathe in the Air and Violent Sequence, there’s the the proto-Breathe jam from Cincinatti 71’s Embryo, the Travel and Religion sequences, from early ’72 and the weird ending piece, there’s the Dec ’72 version of Great Gig pre-Clair Torry’s vocals, and so on…

  3. hi does anyone know if there is a problem with the doctor?..or is my computer messing up..nada for dec and jan almost over..miss you sir

  4. Doc, I thought this was one of your most interesting podcasts exactly because the songs were played so differently from the originals. Thanks for thinking up this theme, putting it all together, and sharing.

  5. Roger that Malcolm. “Rogered Up the Farce” is perhaps pushing too hard, so to speak.
    “Self Covers Uncovered”?
    “Watered Down”?

    Terrific show Doc: great idea, and a really good listen. (Far better than my crap quips.) A show that every PF fan should share with another PF for shared openness – and even with non-PF fans for their take. Share now!…

    Welcome To The Machine [Wembley Arena, London, 21. November 1987] might be the best track I’ver every heard live. The deep bass resonated your whole voice box.


  6. I’m curious if leaving the guitar out of Comfortably Numb means Rog doesn’t have to pay royalties to David? There were many other thumbs in David’s eyes in that concert, such as being left out of the archival photos…

  7. Hi Doc, if you were of a cruder frame of mind than you are you could have called this podcast ‘A Good Rogering’, after the sexual slang in the name. The PF material comes out somewhat changed. It is certainly the easiest way I could imagine of getting into Roger’s solo live material over the decades for anyone who had resisted discovering it previously. Thank you.

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