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BD202There’s nothing cooler than having a raw, unedited version of an officially released concert.  This gem of a soundboard recording surfaced not to long ago.  I believe its recorded off a close FM radio frequency so people with hearing problems can hear a nice and clear feed from the board.  I could be wrong.  It was originally missing a little segment of “Sorrow” and “Money” due to tape flips but I patched those both up, remastered and doctored for supersound.  Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Long Island, N.Y., 20 August 1988.  A couple of other unrelated goodies are thrown in for good measure.  Enjoy!  Please donate and comment.  Thank you.  Here’s the playlist.

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  1. So it looks like the official live version of WTTM on the new DSOT album is taken from this night. It’s certainly the same keyboard solo, & Renwicks guitar solo note for note…. Think I actually prefer this rawer sounding soundboard version, controversial as it may seem..!!

  2. Hello Doc, very good job, nice sound.
    Its posible for you to do the same with day 21? I heard that show and that night was mainly used for the Live album, seems to me, shine on, learning to fly & others, are very similar with the official release.
    Big hug

  3. I’ve listened to this numerous times over the past few months, and it is simply stunning. Learning To Fly, in particular, sounds drastically different from the official version, which is far more guitar/reverb heavy. I much prefer the way it sounds here. I also love the way the backing vocals are brought out more in the mix. Gives the songs a far more soulful feel.

  4. the version of ‘sorrow’ from this setlist has david play a different outro solo, which is not the same as the version that appears on the delicate sound of thunder album

    are you sure this is the raw soundboard of the exact concert that was featured on the live album?

    • Hi Elliot! Thanks for the question. There are many subtle little differences because the official release was made up of several nights from their series of concerts at Nassau Coliseum. The majority of what they used was from this particular night’s recording. The Outro of sorrow for DSoT was from a different evening.

      Every official Pink Floyd concert release is made up of several edits taken from their best performances from whatever tour the official release pertains to.

      This podcast features a raw, complete, unedited performance from one night at Nassau Coliseum that mostly consisted of what would become DSoT.

      I hope that answers your question.

      • Im happy to found you guys here as a floyd rarities friends. Delicate sound of thunder Official release was essentially based on 21th and 23th nights…Cheers!

  5. This is a truly remarkable recording. Many thanks, Doc. Pink Floyd played DSoT at Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand on Jan 22, 1988. I was there and this podcast brings back all the emotions of the concert. Amazing that Floyd sounded so fresh and creative despite having played this set so many times. Stunning.

  6. Doc, is there any possibility you could post some of these songs onto youtube?
    I would live to be able to listen to them on my iPod.

    • I’m sorry I don’t post anything to YouTube. All these podcasts are already easily accessible and listenable on any mobile device

  7. beautiful thing about this recording is the lack of crowd noise letting us hear the impecable musicianship of the floyds on this night. don’t get me wrong, I love a rowdy crowd but listening to this compared to the official version, you can definitely hear how in-tune the band was this night. awesome job doc, as always

  8. Wow! What a trip! Best damn recording I’ve heard to date! I Seen the delicate sound of thunder in 1988, Madison, Wisconsin. my second Floyd tour,!! I especially appreciate this! Thanks a million Doc! Are you aware of any recordings of this in its Raw on bootleg? Or CD? I would appreciate any info! Thanks! Keep kickin some butt with our beloved Pink Floyd! You rock!

    • Thanks for the kind words I appreciate it. Unfortunately I never reveal my sources besides that source won’t sound anywhere near as good and it has a few holes in it. This version is the best one out there. I’ve been intending to make a lossless version of it.

  9. OMG OMG OMG!! What a sound quality, useless to recommend headphones to enjoy the whole experience! I’ve listened to hundrreds of versions of Comfortably numb and as of October 30th, THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL, EMOTIONAL AND COMPLETE VERSION!! what a 2nd solo and what an epic ending. Mason also did great on this one! This podcast confirms my idea that Gilmour reached his technical summum in the late 80s, so in 1988 precisely. Thank you a lot for this Gift. Kind regards from Germany!

  10. DOC HOW DO YOU DO IT MONTH TO MONTH? omg this recording was awesome. the sound is just incredible!!! you are truely my pink floyd hero ,each month. comfortably numb is soooooo damn powerful on this recording and also the surround sound of “yet another movie” just put me somewhere else! i cant stop listening to this podcast!
    thankyou yet again doc! truely much thanks!

  11. Nice job again Doc, you certainly cannot beat Floyd in the RAW, just as it should be.
    As Greg said, the official DSOT is very overproduced, to hear a fresh Floyd recording of this rawness is a Buzz! Regards Anthony England.

  12. As a person with little interest in the official live album I find this recording quite a revelation. DSOT is extremely overproduced. I can’t listen to it without being distracted by the drum sound, particularly the snare. It has been affected to the point where it has a musical note associated with each hit. This has to be due to the amount of reverb they put on it. It is actually nice to hear that sound totally absent on this version. Maybe more bands should just release raw soundboards the way Pearl Jam, Phish and the Dead always have. Anyway, thanks for sharing this great find once again, Doc!

  13. the “Welcome to the Machine” version is probably the best I´ve ever heard, one of the best pods too! congratulations!

  14. Doc,
    I have listened to the show up to Terminal Frost and the rawness absolutely rocks. Spotting all the differences is so much fun (I discovered PF end of 93 and DSOT was my favourite until Pulse, so I know when details are different). Always thought that DSOT was recorded on several nights. May I ask for a similar treatment of Pulse?
    All the best from Germany!

  15. Matt,

    Excellent, excellent, excellent. Great job. I prefer the track order in the raw version – and I like the pace of “Learning to Fly” much better – I do like the way it was edited in the official release but there’s something more ethereal about it here – also, the guitars on the track sound great.

    Glad to see other fans appreciate AMLOR and DSOT as much as I do. Still listening to it, so I may post something later – in the meantime, hat-tip. Well done.


  16. Well this is astonishing and coming straight after the Pros and Cons show makes for a double whammy. Floyd in 88 was my first live experience of the band and Delicate Sound has never left my personal music device. But this is what I always wanted to hear – the full, un-touched show! Awesome work Doc.

  17. Matt excellent job! great recording so far. i skipped through some and man, i miss this album” a momentary l;apse of reason” the second side was sooo much of a, great pink floyd experience ,for me then the first side of that album, but none-the-less, the first waterless floyd album, was a gem, to me! cant wait just to sit back with a beer and a cig,and remember this moment in time all over again. thankyou again matt. ps remember october is coming quickly. lol!

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