bd225The title, “Ravingandrooling” is typed that way on purpose. I explain in the podcast but in short, this episode is dedicated to my friend Jeff Post.  For this is a two-fer.  First, Roger Waters at Newport Folk Festival and second, something very special.  Enjoy!  Its a long podcast.

By the way, you can still enjoy the first half.but I warn listeners to stop if they don’ want to spoil the surprise with the second half.  I’ll post the playlist later on.  Again, I don’t want to spoil any surprises. In the meantime, you can find the playlist embedded within the file of the podcast.

27 thoughts on “Ravingandrooling

  1. Great work – enjoyed both Waters and Gilmour. Made by plane trip enjoyable and you definitely got great quality sound. A bit too much audience chatter in RI, but not your fault. I think you have been on a roll these past few months so whatever has you inspired, hope it keeps coming.

  2. I heard an interview on the radio here in the UK that explained the reason for the balance of songs played at the Brighton show was weighted more on the Floyd side, rather than Gilmour solo stuff, was because Rattle That Lock had not been released yet. Apparently, it was felt that it would be “unkind” to play too much new and unfamiliar material! So, the balance of subsequent set lists on the tour may well change. The interviewer exclaimed and said that he thought the Floyd audience would be happy to hear the entire album from start to finish!

  3. Wonderful podcast!! It is also fantastic to see that the size of the files are a lot smaller than in years past. I am slowly inching up on 20GB of Brain Damage Podcasts!! 10+ incredible years!!

  4. Great work Matt. I’ll take issue with you on one point; to my house ears this sounds like the opposite of a farewell tour. His version of Astronomy here has fire in its belly that it lacked on the last tour, High Hopes is less strung out, Shine On less funeral, Fat Old Sun is punchier. And the new album itself is a massive shot in the butt compared to OAI – awesome material. No man, the last tour was his slow ride over the horizon, this one is the dinosaur waking up and kicking us in the nuts.

      • You mean he’s trying to go out with a bang? At his current work rate this might just be “it”. Its certainly intriguing to hear him u-turn back into Floydland to this degree.

        • Mike, I honestly feel since Rick’s departure that David does enjoy the songs mentioned above. Of course everything sounds great! But what people fail to realize is that David is only doing this tour to appease us, the fans. I could never imagine moving forward musically missing a friend. I give DG Kudos for that. This is his farwell to a point, and it will go out with a bang. Just my Perfect Sense.

  5. Wow – you’re quick! Many thanks for this. Having failed to get tickets for the Albert Hall, I was fortunate enough to be successful on my second attempt and got a couple for the preview show in Brighton on Saturday. It was a great gig, with really good sound. I too was surprised at how few “Gilmour solo” songs were played compared with Floyd material – but I’m not complaining!

  6. Thanks Doc!! You made my Day – Again! Great One! So, today, you made me a great Brirthday present (6th September 😉 and I took my medecine and feel lot’s better!

    Thanks and Greeting from Hamburg

    p.s. can’t wait for the 19th

  7. Thanks downloading now while I am working. I can’t wait when I get home and listen to this one. I am a bit nervous about this (and the visit in Oberhausen on September 19th to). Thanks again!!

  8. Wow Doc, this one is sure to be a winner! I’m trying to make it to Toronto for a show and not sure if I should listen to the Gilmour portion. Awfully tempting and not sure I can resist…

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