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Show #91, Release date: 4. August, 2007

Roger’s KAOS on the road tour lasted only three months and was predominately a North American tour.  Many of Rogers’ gigs were canceled due to poor ticket sales perhaps largely in part by the fact that Pink Floyd was also touring North America at around the same time.

Only two soundboard recordings of live KAOS exist.  Both were later broadcast and have FM quality reception so it adds to the “radio” feel.  This podcast is a mix of those two, one being mostly from Quebec and the other, recorded two weeks later from Wembley.  The remaining gaps were filled using audio taken from an amateur video recording in Quebec.  Unfortunately not every song performed was broadcast and there are no complete soundboard gigs from this tour.  Even the audience recordings seem to be scarce. Here’s the playlist!

By the way, the title of this podcast is in Morse code.  It says, “This is radio KAOS”

*Colisee de Quebec, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, 7. November, 1987 (FM)
**Empire Pool, Wembley, Middlesex, U.K. 21. November, 1987 (FM)
***Quebec amateur video, 7. November, 1987

Morse Code Translator

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  1. I saw this tour at Great Woods (Mansfield). This is a superb show that really featured Roger at his (solo) best- without all the political lecturing BS like he dished out when I saw him there in 06. KAOS is my favorite solo work.

    • It’s Roger man, it’s his decisions and growing as a musician. He always loved these themes, and integrating such with all the amazing visuals you can have now is a way to make good use of them. If you really don’t like politics don’t go to Rog’s shows. I do get wanting to chill listening to Pink Floyd, but Roger wants to send that clear message to the audience and that’s his style

  2. Not sure if you’re seeing posts to these older podcasts, but since there’s no playlist I was wondering if you could identify the first song of the second set (at about 1:11:40)? It doesn’t sound familiar to me at all. Thanks!

  3. Love hearing Roger’s shows from this era. His arrangements, his selection of tracks and above all his band were excellent. A shame it’s not re-visited as much as it should be. Thanks Doc for this excellent mix of shows and sources. Been a while since I heard it but drawn back to this era thanks to the forthcoming box set from Floyd (which won;t include ANY trace of Roger of course) .

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