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BD201It’s more like the Pros And Cons of Floydpodcasting.  After two months of editing, I have to admit, all the work was worth it.  Please forgive me if I do say so myself, this sounds fucking incredible.  Roger Water’s “The Pros & Cons of Hitchhiking – North American Tour”  featuring Eric Clapton.  From the Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, Illinois, twenty nine years ago today, 26, July, 1984.  Enjoy and please don’t forget to comment here or on facebook.   Oh and also please consider a small donation.  Even if its just one dollar, every bit helps afford licensing and hosting costs.  Thank you!

Ticket stub: RonToon
Soundboard recording: Ian Russell

37 thoughts on “Pros And Cons – Chicago

  1. I saw this show. No idea Eric would be there until Set the Controls. I was crying after the Gunners Dream solo Clapton played. This recording is EPIC.

  2. This really does sound amazing! Thanks so much. Wish I’d been there!.

    It sounded like some jerk lit a bottle rocket during Set the Controls. Could be wrong, but that’s what it sounded like.

  3. Hi Doc, fantastic work. I appreciate you must get a lot of requests but I wondered if there was any chance you could email me the soundboard recording without the audience mixed in? Would be eternally grateful if you could man. Thanks for the terrific podcasts. D.

    • Thanks for the kind words Dave. You can find the unedited soundboard recording on several torrent sites that share bootleg recordings.

  4. The more I listen to this amazing concert the more I thank the lucky stars that the Pink Floyd universe has a planet called ‘The Doctor’ in it. Matt Leonard, you sir, are a genius and I thank you kindly for all you do in the name of Floyd. If ever there was a show worth donating towards the upkeep of this site, it is this one. Some of Clapton’s solos are outrageous, Waters in great form, and the band are on fire. I loved Roger’s extended and altered takes on Floyd songs during this tour and the KAOS tour. A frankly astonishing download, essential listening for any Floyd fan. Thanks again Doc. Even though I recently got fired from my radio station when a show I worked on was axed I’m going to donate to the site this week.

  5. Doc, since my computer is somewhat working, i can finally say THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!! this is one of my top 3 podcasts that you ever did!!!!!!!!!! this is the ultimate, roger waters solo album, in my opinion, and this concert, brought me back, to when i was 16. the sound is soo perfect and my favorite part of this podcast ,is def the pros and cons of hitchiking! when its nice outside after the bar, on my night off, ive been bringing the beer, that i didnt open around back, and when they close, i sit on the chair outside and put on this podcast. being a little drunk and mellow, and listening to this concert, is an awesome experience! the people waiting at the bus stop, across the street, can hear me pounding my singing voice, to this whole conert, while drinking my beer. its funny to see their reaction. lol
    i can listen to this concert anytime, for a million times without getting tired of it! doc you brought this to life ,for me! the hard work you did was incredible! the sound is the best i heard other then the new podcast you have up now! Doc you do incredible work i thankyou soooo soooo much! cheers!

  6. I listened to the first half and thought, ” Ok, some old Floyd songs, ho-hum.”
    But when the Pros and Cons came on……Lordy Lord !
    It’s on right now……FULL BLAST !!!
    Amazing. Many thanks, Doc.

  7. This is, as all of your podcats are amazing. The point is we need always a Playlist, for this one PLEASE and for the other podcast without any attached Playlist. Bravo, thanks in advance and Regards from Germany

  8. HI Doc, Awesome work on this recording Doc. ‘youre the man’ The reward your hard work brings Doc, is that you are helping to preserve history, in a high quality and enjoyable way! Regards Anthony England.

  9. Wow Doc! This recording is phenomenal! Well worth the wait and one that will stay in the rotation for years to come. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  10. Show was nasty. Hope to be able to do half of what you can do with audio. Absolutely epic!!!! 2 months of work for what I feel is better than Delicate Sounds and that was my bar regarding live shows up to hearing this.

  11. Wow Doc, you have done it again, but this time even better!! It sounds GREAT! This is definitely a keeper. Thanks for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated.

  12. So what did you do to the recording anyway? Is it a audience / soundboard matrix? Just curious as I listen. Sounds awesome.

  13. Great sound, excellent performance by the band. They are playing these songs so angry (except ‘If’), I like it. Also I enjoy the extended versions of some songs, get’s them to a whole new level. Too bad Roger is now simply recreating The Wall studio recording on his live tour, would be nice if those songs got the same treatment they got on this performance.

    Thanks Doc for your astonishing work giving us this gem in überhigh quality!

  14. amazing my head just exploded this is electrifying you’ve totally surpassed any version out there thanks doc

  15. WOW HOLY S@#T ! my head just exploded this is basically a cd release i mean the quality is electrifying you’ve totally surpassed any version out there 2 months delay was so worth it thanks doc

  16. Well done, Doc!! Only had time to listen to a few bits so far but it sounds fantastic! Your hard work on the matrix paid off nicely. I’ll keep an eye our for your marbles. 😉 Cheers!

  17. Mind blowing and amazing. Your the best doc and keep on thinking its official as it sounds just like buying a new cd 🙂

  18. I just skipped through a sampling on this masterpiece through my laptop speakers – as this tour was my first live experience with any of the Floyd (Hartford CT – first show in the states) I have both fond memories AND discerning opinions regarding the recordings I have heard of this tour (and from the second leg sans Clapton). Most sound like audience recordings – and even the radio broadcast recording from Radio City Music Hall from the second leg sounded harsh. This recording, however – THIS is how I remember that show. It sounds simply FANTASTIC. A Boston Strong high five to you Doc for your effort and persistence on this one!

  19. I have often thought that one of these day I will send that young man some money, when I have the time, well I have just done it, so you can spend the money on a bike if you wish to avoid hitchhiking or you can buy some running shoes and run like hell , or if you want to by a paint box and do a room any colour you like of course, that’s enough lame puns – I might give myself brain damage and then I would be one of the few who are marooned in the asylum with all the other lunatics.

  20. Sorry Matt you are wrong its not fucking incredible – that does not do it justice, it is fucking awesome & fucking preposterously incredible

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