Pink Noise

Show #137 Release date: 12. July, 2009

For this installment, we go to Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, OH, 25. June 1977.  American shows in the summer of 1977 were particularly rowdy, but this recording is probably most notable for the numerous cries of “SIT DOWN!” throughout the show. Fortunately, the music on this release comes out on top for the majority of the show.  The occasional fireworks set off yet Roger manages to keep his cool during this performance but by this time in tour he was already becoming agitated by the carefree behavior of these massive audiences.  Roger can be heard shouting “46″ during Pigs (3 Different Ones) after the second verse, which is one of the identifiers for the concerts on this tour, however he must have lost count because this was actually the 47th show.

The podcast kicks off with Jeff Beck live, last week at the Royal Albert Hall with David Gilmour as surprise guest, performing Jerusalem.

2 thoughts on “Pink Noise

  1. The picture of the Cleveland concert crowd in this page, is extraordinary. Just look at that humongous mass of people. Look at the size of those amplifiers.

    The recording: as I said somewhere else, I frequently peruse ‘Animal’ concerts (“Doctored-up for super-sound”, and yes I do donate) because something about these ‘Animals’ tours is just mesmerizing.

    The ‘Pink Noise’ show I usually perceive as problematic; all the hoopla in the opening minutes where the jet booms overhead, all the crowd noise, and the bits where the emcee tries to quiet everyone down for sound-check or whatever that’s about.

    But once the show gets rolling I find it is surprisingly one of the most rollickin’ of all the ‘Animals’ gigs. Boisterous and rowdy and wild …jammin’ …and the ‘Money’ encore is huge pleasure. Wow @ that encore.

    This show is escalating up into my favorites. Many thanks to the Doc for all his scrupulous work

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