Pieces For Assorted Lunatics

As cliché as it is, you can’t have a Pink Floyd podcast without celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest rock albums of all time, The Dark Side of The Moon! This episode examines the development of the album from concept to finish. I hope you find they way it’s presented, interesting and enjoyable. Please don’t forget to comment, and share… and if you really like it, perhaps consider a small donation to help support the podcast. Thank you! Here’s the playlist

6 thoughts on “Pieces For Assorted Lunatics

  1. Hi Matt,
    you … (made) a good job … , and you’re ok. And I really like it; I donated as anyone should who listens to your podcasts.
    Regards from Hannover/Germany.

  2. Thanks Matt. Interesting to hear the different versions of dsom and it’s progression into the final piece. Never heard the full interview at the end with Roger the hat. Entertaining fella.

  3. I think this may be your best work yet. Just when we thought we couldn’t get more DSOTM, here it is all the way from that amazing Embryo jam, via alternate versions, live versions and demos. It’s a real labour of love. Cheers Doc, you are the best.

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