Out of Nowhere

Surprise!  I found some time in the last 48 hours and spent 25 of those hours putting this one together.  Just in time for Christmas!  This idea come from Brain Damaged listener, Andrew McClain who suggested a podcast of songs performed that are not part of a usual set list.  There are many ‘first time’ and ‘first time in a long time’ songs in this one!  Here’s the playlist! Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Out of Nowhere

  1. Finished it today, it always breaks my heart to hear David in that recording of “Remember”…
    When speaking to Lee Harris and Dom Beken after their Copenhagen gig with Nick in September they asked us what other songs we would see included in future sets. “Axe” was mentioned, wouldn’t that be a treat in Cambridge? 🙂
    Great cast as ever, Doc, thanks for the surprise!

  2. Thanks for another year of your amazing work. Each new podcast is always a highlight of the month. Wishing you all the best for the holidays! Will chip in again soon.
    Shine on!

  3. Thank you for the great Christmas gift, doctor! Nice coda with the ’77 blues. Gilmour channels BB King. Lucky Canadian crowd . . . they just don’t know what they’re getting!

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