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1994-08-29 Valle HovinI’ve been wanting to feature this particular gig for a long time but I’m reminded why I’ve avoided it for so long.  Nonetheless, its a unique gig because it was the only stop on the entire Division Bell Tour where the band performed Marooned.

You can hear the taper (who was not so close to the stage) was concerned with getting caught.  Pink Floyd’s management instructed promoters to have security at each facility, confiscate any recording device.  The quality of the recording suffers a little because of this, so it was extremely difficult to doctor up.  I did the best I could.  I hope it sounds okay on your end but some EQ tweaking might be necessary.  Here is the playlist and here’s a ticket scan.  Please consider a small donation to help keep floydpodcast.com up and running.  Takk!

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  1. Hi, I don’t know if you’ll read this, seeing how old this post is.
    I have been looking for the Oslo gigs for a long time, thank you a million times for posting! However, I’m wondering… is this one the first or second night?

  2. Hi Doc! I’ve always been wondering why Dave sang something like “stranding on the biggest waves” at the end of Breathe instead of “balanced on the biggest wave”. Sorry English is not my first language but it certainly does not sound like balanced; rather, some word more like “stranding”. It’s odd because I could hear this on several Division Bell Tour that you posted (eg. this one in Oslo, the stage of alps etc ), but he sang the original line both in PULSE DVD and CD and also later in his On An Island Tour. I wonder if that was him changing lyrics deliberately, which is more plausible since Jon Carin sang similar harmony, or was it simply unwitting? Hope you know the answer. Thank you!

  3. A buddy of mine went to all 3 Foxboro shows and tried to boot one show one night, and they took all of his gear. He didn’t get kicked out but he was on the field near the ball. It’s funny to hear Dave during the Meltdown show during Smile to the bootleggers, this is a new one, so start recording. Priceless.

  4. Another Brick in the Wall has a very interesting version of the lead by DG. Very refreshing to hear it done differently. Too bad this is 22 freaking years ago. Sad.
    And George Martin has to go and die yesterday. Damn it!

    Well there is always 4/11/2016/MSG to look forward too.

    Rob – Boston


  5. “The memory is a fallible device”…

    This took place two days after PF played at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden, my second and last PF show. I could have sworn that they played DSOTM in its entirety then, but I find no evidence of it what so ever today. Strange, right?

    Anyhow Doctor, this was a trip down memory lane, really close to reliving that night in Gothenburg and as always you doctored up the sound great. Your work is invaluable for us all.

        • Hi Jochen, you are not the only person to remember music which you didn’t actually hear. I saw Pink Floyd at Knebworth Festival here in the U.K. in 1975, and in later years I was convinced that David Gilmour played that beautiful, slow, bluesy first solo near the beginning of “Shine On…” which is now so familiar. Unfortunately, when I heard the rather poor recording of the concert some years later, that wasn’t the case. After the opening synthesiser section, he went directly into that sharp four-note “chord”.
          I’m not sure what causes this, maybe we create our ideal concert in our own mind. Anyway I hope it helps to know that you’re not alone!

          • It does! I also find it soothing that mr Waters agrees with me whilst chatting with his friend on the roadside in the Italian mountains.

      • There is a recording of the Gothenburg show, but its not a great one. There is also a video recording of it, again not great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIkkZMHNMuA

        The original plan for the Oslo shows was that the August 30th, was suppose to be a Dark Side show, but for some reason they change the plan.

        When it comes to the 1994 tour there is only 2 shows of the whole tour that there ain`t any recordings from.
        1994-04-26 Sun Bowl, 1994-06-28 Commonwealth Stadium and

        • Thank you for this. I was 16 at the time. I had been a Pink Floyd fan since I was 12 and dreamed of seeing them live ever since. This was my chance and it happened! It will stay with me forever and this recording is a treasure despite the sonics.

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