Oink Oink Woof Woof Baaa

Show #50, Release date: 3. February, 2006
(Originally Show #1, Air date: 20. March, 2004)

In the Flesh concert #61, at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, 6. July 1977, Montreal, Canada.  The infamous spitting incident… stadium crowds push Roger to build The Wall.  This was the last show of the tour and the last time Animals would be performed live by the Floyd. It was also the last time Roger would perform Wish You Were Here and Money with Pink Floyd until 28 years later for the famous Live8 reunion.

It’s an audience recording from the floor section. Sound quality is about a 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 5, (5 being the best

A few years back there was an excellent article with photos of this concert by Wray Ellis here.

19 thoughts on “Oink Oink Woof Woof Baaa

  1. Long time since I’ve had op to get back here Doc: but I still feel this – despite the strain / petulance – is one of the best renditions of the two sets ever performed: rather than ‘had enough’ weary playing, my take is that as it was the last (right?) Rick & + especially DG’s exquisite riffing towards end of SOYCD shows that they were improvising rocking / bluesing to the max in this one: if ever they get their acts together to put a box/whatever set out around the Animals offerings, this really should be in it.
    P.S. Really wanna donate, but refuse PP: can I send you some greenbacks from a recent trip we made (don’t think we’ll be back!)
    If unsure, your ‘service’ and collations are utterly stupendous. All kudos admiration to ya.

  2. 1st time I have heard any ‘Animals’ live, bravura performances. If ever the band and their management ever repackage ‘Animals’ and do the multi-disc set thing that Floyd have led the way in this bodes well… ….how big were the audience?

  3. Any chance you can let us know where the version of Careful With That Axe Eugene that opens the show comes from? Sounds pretty late.

  4. And yes, the typical setlist for the 1977 “In The Flesh” tour had Animals played in a different order than the album for some reason.

  5. Roger must’ve been REALLY peeved at this concert. His rant in the middle of “Pigs on the Wing” is both disturbing and hilarious.

  6. First off, must have been AWESOME to get to see Animals and Wish You Were Here in their entirety live. But why did they not play Animals in the same sequence as on the album? Did they usually play it out of order live, or were they just sleepy and forgot which song came where? Just curious

  7. I am a HUGE!! fan of Pink Floyd. I have liked them eevr since a local radio station played all of Dark Side Of The Moon On the Radio, a little under 4 years ago. I now consider it one of their weaker efforts but thats an opinion, not a true fact. Animals is by far my favorite album of Floyd’s. Wish You Were Here is third, behind Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. I have listened to this maybe 13 times over the last three months, and I can’t download it. I’ve tried numerous times. If possible I was hoping to know how I can aquire or download this show. It is sad they never released it as an official Live LP. Btu never the less I am hoping you can give me an answer to my pickle. Thanks

  8. Aaahhhh the Animals tour!! One of the Floyd\’s most underrated albums!! I love the electric version of WYWH from this tour!

  9. Hello! I was at that show in the olympic stadium. Didn’t remember how good that show was. I saw them in 2 other show, in 1973 at the Montreal Forum (Dark side of the moon) and in 1975 at the autostade (Wish you were here). Good old time!

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