NYC 77

bd223Finally, here it is.  Recorded 2. July 1977 from the most often requested series of gigs during 1977 at Madison Square Garden, NYC.  Most recordings between the 1st and the 4th of July don’t live up to my high standard but there is this one master recording and its explosively excellent.  I tweaked it up just a little but for the most part, it didn’t need much.  We starting lighting things off with a Richard Wright track.  Please donate if you can.  Thank you.  Here’s the playlist! 

Here’s a ticket scan (courtesy RonToon)

27 thoughts on “NYC 77

  1. The infamous, testy, vicious, fireworks-laden show yields some of the best tracks EVER. Frex, out of all the performances of ‘Money’ I’ve heard on BD so far, I have to nominate this rendition as my favorite ever featured on this series. And that’s a lot of airtime. What is UP with this version of ‘Money’?? Holy hannah, it goes on, and on, and on! Ranges all over eerie acoustic landscapes. Same deal with ‘Shine on You’. Closest competitor so far (as far as my own personal enjoyment) is the ‘Cruel But Fair’ show. Neck and neck with this one. Both are stellar. Nothing better than when the boys are in the middle of a number and playing around, meandering here and there … taking their time winding it up. Dang!

    • Hey Doc!!!! Any recordings of Roger’s set in the Newport Festival that you may enlighten us with?

      I’m Fede from Argentina, your inspiration for the Dream Mix Podcast, hehe.

      I continue to enjoy all our mixes, btw. As usual, great work!!!

  2. Smashing as ever doc. Love every podcast you put togeather each month. this is one of my fave animals gigs from 1977

  3. In regards to David Gilmour: I have counted 4 shows you have dedicated to DG. Are you going to have anymore before the new release of “Rattle That Lock”?

  4. Great Show. Thanks again. I’m not so in the 77-shows but after listening your earlier shows from Paris a few months ago and this one I start to like the shows more and more. Fantastic Pigs!!

  5. Great sound. Hate to be a party pooper or hall monitor, but this is The Oakland show from 77′. At minimum Shine on is from Oakland. Note for note with the exact imperfections.

    Sorry. Sounds great.

    • Thanks for the comment but you’re mistaken. Absolutely NONE of this recording is from Oakland, whatsoever. I’m more than happy to prove it.

      • I second that. I’ve practically memorized the Oakland show. The question I have is this, what’s the deal with people bringing fireworks to shows in the ’70’s? It seems like it was quite the trend back then. Anyway, thanks for putting this show up. Anything from the In The Flesh tour is welcomed

        • Late to the ‘show’ here, but in ‘better than never’: as ‘Doc’ has himself informed on other ’77 pods; check the show date: in U.S. within two days hence, was(is) a significant date in U.S. celebratory history, at which time fireworks / crackers were = are customarily always readily available: now: whether you take them – let alone how ya get ’em – in to a crowded gig, is another question to pose of those who did …!
          (BTW: liked the ‘Wot’s tha Deal’ ref … 🙂

  6. Thanks again for another incredible podcast. You keep knocking them out of the ballpark. Here’s to wishing you a smooth transition. I hope it gladdens your heart to know that the hard work and devotion that you put into these podcasts will live forever and brings endless joy to thousands. Also, you seem like a pretty cool guy.


    Alex Woodman

  7. Great show!

    But I see why Rog was alienated from the touring experience at this point in time. Whomever was setting them fireworks off… ugh!

  8. Just finishing this show off now on the train to work. Consider me transported. The second half rivals the best Animals recordings for sound quality but betters them in terms of performance from the band. But Jesus, them firecrackers…

  9. Ohhhhh YEAHHHH!!! One of my favorite shows from my favorite tour! So looking forward to this one, Doc! You’re the best!

  10. Thanks a lot Matt.
    I’m really looking forward to listening to this one.

    Cheers and keep up the good work

  11. Thanks you Doc! Nice as July 3 is my birthday! Time to get comfortably numb 😉
    Appreciate the latest podcast.
    Cheers, Brent

  12. Doc… Than ks man! This is awesome. I am amazed how you just keep it coming!! Too few +++’s for what you do for us. You have a very happy, supporting listener here. Happy 4th!!

  13. AAAAAaaaaagggghhhhh!!!! Sorry had to get that out of my system! This is the Holy Grail as far as I am concerned! This tour was the first time I saw Pink Floyd Live, being at Earls Court London! Thank You Doc! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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