12 thoughts on “New Pink Floyd album due in October!

  1. I guess the next question, Matt – given your Royal Floydness of expertise and encyclopedic-like knowledge is, is there a podcast you might be serving up in the future that you might feature, which will (or might, or fantasize about) contain material related to these BIG SPLIFF / ENDLESS RIVER sessions? “Against all odds” might be a nice touch to the playlist…

  2. What a beautiful surprise, from this magic band. Can´t wait for another chapter of the soundtrack of our lives. And it’s great to think about what the doctor can do from that material, too. The better pink floyd show from the all planet and outer space… deserves more music from David, Nick and some friends. Long live the doctor and the band! Endless show, for ever and ever…

  3. From what Durga let slip it sounds like a synthesis of 1994 material and “a lot” (her words” of new additions from David, Nick and co. This is why the project may have been moved up from being an extra disc on the DB20 (which I suspect was the original plan) release to being a standalone album in its own right complete with new lyrics and vocals i.e it stopped being about finishing a bunch of demos and grew a life of its own… I’m still expecting a largely instrumental album though.

  4. OH MY GOD!!! Richard really deserves something like this,he doesn’t get the credit I feel he has always merited,Cool title too,”the endless river” Thanks Doc!

  5. This reminds me of The Beatles Anthology set. This is very cool news. While I would love to see and hear a Pink Floyd reunion. I don’t believe it would be the same without Rick. Even if Roger was involved. Although I don’t see that happening if the material is from the DB period. But a collaboration of David and Nick working on unfinished material, left by Rick would be wonderful! I know that whatever will be done with be done tastefully and in loving memory. Both David and Nick thankfully are not in it for “the buck” like a lot of bands sadly are. I am looking forward to hearing more news!!

  6. Wow, very cool..wonder if it’s all from dB sessions or if there are new recordings with David and Nick?? either way I can’t wait!

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