New Orleans 94

Show #147 Release date: 7. February, 2010

I’m still working on the syncing project. So in the meantime here’s a quick podcast I whipped up thanks to Brain Damaged listener Jim Gilbert of Montgomery, Alabama who emailed “Why not the New Orleans Superdome show to feature in a podcast, to celebrate the Saints? (I’m actually a Pats fan, by the way.) It could work either way if they win, it’s a Floydian lagniappe. If they lose, it’s a consolation prize for all Saints/Floyd fans.”  Excellent Idea!  Suggestions are always appreciated so keep sending them in.

Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana, 14. May, 1994

1 thought on “New Orleans 94

  1. This was my first Pink Floyd concert, Pink Floyd would become my favorite band and pretty much what I listen to exclusively. I knew almost nothing going in other than the top hits. After this show i searched for their albums, eventually collecting all of them along with several boxsets In every format imaginable, and later turned to live concert recordings … I forever searched for this very specific concert, keeping many indie record/cd stores in business.

    I’ve been to many concerts, both Gilmour and Waters have put on some memorable shows and I’m glad I attended them … but absolutely nothing with will match that night in the Superdome back in May of ‘94.

    I’ve listened to this and several of your others shows and you do a fantastic job. I sent the link of this show to a friend who went with me and he couldn’t have been more excited to enjoy the show again. Thanks again for an incredible podcast.

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