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bd206Here it is, the first podcast of 2014 as Brain Damage enters its 9th year!  This particular episode is not for the casual Pink Floyd fan!  We cover 40 years of nearly every Pink Floyd or solo member appearance in the Boston and lower New England states.  If you’re from the area, you’re gonna LOVE this podcast and if your not, hope you’ll still like it. This is the longest podcast I’ve done so lets dive in!  Here’s the playlist. Thank you for your support and don’t forget, please leave comments.

21 thoughts on “New England

  1. …enjoyed the heck out of this show!..

    …maybe it was the breadth of recordings, maybe it was the heavy emphasis on roger waters material; it whatever case, it made for a great pink floyd friday at work…

  2. Hi Doc, I am sitting in a small town about 3 hours north of Mexico City, listening to your Podcast. Congratulations on making it 9 years. If you check your archives you will remember that I sent the clipping from London many years ago when I discovered the podcast and I have listened to every show since. You do a great job, I know it takes a lot of your time and money and I just wanted to say again “thank you” for sharing all that you do with us, your fellow PF lovers. I love your commentary, your on air bong hits, and your obvious knowledge and love for this group and your willingness to share it with us. Thanks again.
    Mike S

  3. And another question: Is the audio quality on the downloaded file worse than the one which is played in the browser? Because when I play the downloaded file it seems that the audio quality is much worse

  4. Bonjour d’un fan de Floyd depuis la France :
    Ceci est un très grand et bon travail …

    A bientôt

    Hello a Floyd fan from France:
    This is a great and good work

  5. This is only the second show since I found your site (through Facebook). I love your work. One questions: can you point me to sources for the full shows that these tracks were excerpted from? (and others)

    Thanks again for your dedication and hard work.

    Gregg in Fort Lauderdale, FL

    • Hey Gregg. Thanks for the message and welcome aboard. I’m afraid if I tell you, your computer will self distruct. I could tell you but you’d find the sources won’t sound as good as they do in my podcasts because I fix everything up as best I can. You won’t find the same quality anywhere else on the web.

  6. You know, I think that this “controversial” sax version of Echoes might be my favourite out there. It’s one of the few versions where Dave doesn’t screw up the lyrics (in fact, it’s sung really nicely), the backing vocals flesh it out, there’s some tasteful bass playing towards the end (not always a word you’d associate with Roger), and that sax always comes as a pleasant surprise. And, while the use of sax takes something away from the song’s otherwoldliness, we’re familiar with it from other Floyd songs post-73 and, well, it works for me.

  7. Doc thankyou for this gigantic ; podcast. Full of gems. I cant wait to listen. Doc you are the man. Thankyou for all the work , that you put into this. Thumbs way up high!

  8. OMG!!what a week , animals alternate demos now this 3 hr floyd a thon, you the man doc ! p.s. get back over to the uk , we love ya

    • Beautiful thing, I was at most if not all of the 80’s shows!

      Rejoice in thy youth! Has it been 9 years already since I found you. Wow. 9 is a lucky number!! It has been a great 9 years.

      I remember you telling me what a labor of love this Podcast was to you, what was involved, the preparation, and this was about 9 years ago.

      It has been great to see the site grow to what it is now. But I hope folks realize just how important donations are in keeping this gem of a show going for 9 more years!!!

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