Montreal 1977 (revisited)

It’s perhaps the most famous Pink Floyd concert. I’ve featured it way back in 2006 but since then, recorder 2 was painstakingly remastered by a guy called ‘Hippopotamus’ in 2013. Just recently, the same, was speed corrected our friend by MOB in 2021. The result is A-MAZE-ING!  Hope you like it and be sure to play it loud!  Here’s the playlist. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Montreal 1977 (revisited)

  1. Palpable, significant leap in the sound texture as compared to the previous version. The pig is just more pink in this. “Wicked pissing good.” Gonna purchase a new set of speakers to enjoy it better (though I know nil about speakers, I’ll just let user-reviews guide me).

  2. Just finished set one- amazing. I think Roger’s anger and frustration fed the band, and they all played their most powerful performances in this set. Will hit set two later today- is this the show where Dave gets lost in Shine On 6-9?

    • I don’t know about David getting lost but he did bail out on the third encore and walked through the crowd to the soundboard and watched the rest of the show from there

  3. Wow. I’ve enjoyed listening to the previously Doctor’d-Up version, (the1.0 version available from this site) many, many times of an evening. Looking forward to this one.

    Will gladly chip in before the weekend is over.

    Question: I notice ‘iHeartRadio’ and ‘Tunein’ radio links above; and all throughout BrainDamage. Never really thought about subscribing before. In need of a good streaming music service lately…been disappointed in the past (‘’, etc) So are these two, the most-liked companies these days? Are these the best?

  4. I’m not aware of MOB’s speed corrected version. Can you tell me where it is torrented? I don’t see it in the usual sites.

  5. Sometimes I find myself sounding like angry Rog when I yell at my kids:
    “oh for fuck’s sakes….”

  6. Incredible sound for this infamous show. It’s wonderful to hear a recording with such high quality sound. But, I think this is probably the only Floyd gig that I can say I am pleased not to have been at myself!

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