Money, Silver & Gold

Gold Silver and MoneyMoney, it’s the root of all evil today except for this podcast.  All this time I never thought to do a theme based on the most obvious obsession of mankind.  It wasn’t until I saw a chart of pictographs arranged in such a way to represent the lyrics of “Money” and kaa-ching!  It’s mostly gold and silver, but it all makes perfect sense, expressed in dollars and cents, pounds shillings and pence.  Enjoy!   Here’s the playlist.

8 thoughts on “Money, Silver & Gold

  1. Encore un grand cru! Thank you Doc for this one. This live version of Fat Old Sun really transcends that song and gives me goose bumps. Every time.

  2. Thanks for the podcast, looking forward to listening to it especially with this theme. Makes a dull trainride all the more interesting.

  3. hey doc, always love the moment a new podcast pops up, and the instant listen right after… another great catch this one, keep up the fun moments, they come around great…

    thanks time and again for your efforts! seriously, where would floyd material find that much rotation in 2013 if not in this show. you do an impeccable job!

    cheers, bernhard

  4. Very nice mix, Doc. I know I haven’t really heard all the Floyd there is to hear, but I’ve heard a *lot* and, after 7 years of listening to your ‘casts I’m still impressed by the new (to my ears) tracks you unearth and share. Thanks… and I have an offer for you. Check email.

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