M’chr II

1234832_550087831713199_735972290_nThree days back from the UK and a recording from Manchester has already popped up.  Perfect timing for this month’s podcast.  The recording needed some help and I was more than happy to lend a hand.

This show was (in my opinion) better than the massive and not as good sounding Wembley gig two days before.  This was the very last Wall show in the UK and third from the very last performance ever and the band sounds tight and spot on.

The Wall live from Phones4u Arena, Manchester, UK. 16. September 2013. No playlist… I’m fairly sure you already know it.  Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “M’chr II

  1. Doc i missed this show (but seen the other two manchester shows) I also just missed you at the Fusalier, my bus was late from milton keynes,Got there and you had already left. PS That’s two manchester gigs you have posted ,any news on the other one

  2. Thanks for this Matt, it sounds great.

    I wasn’t at this particular show but I did see the previous Manchester Wall show along with many other arena shows in 2011. This years stadium shows were epic to say the least, a great way to finish the tour that started way back in 2010. My memories of the shows will last forever, but it is great to have a reminder once in a while with your excellent podcasts. Shame you weren’t able to join me in Dublin, next time maybe? I did bump into Simon W at the Dublin gig though (he sat with me for a short while) and Matt J at the Berlin gig. Shame I didn’t catch you at the Wembley gig but I was busy trying to find replacement seats with an unobstructed view (long story). Many thanks again for the excellent podcasts, long may you continue to pod and indeed cast your way into the future. Until the next time eh?

  3. Hi Doc,

    Wow, you move fast! I’m looking forward to hearing this one. Did you capture the Wembley show? I ask because I was relying on you!! I was at the Wembley show but I don’t have the necessary kit to record it.

    Many thanks, as always.

  4. I had my fingers crossed that a good quality recording of this (my first Wall show) would surface. I shall be listening asap. Thanks doc x

  5. Matt thankyou thankyou thankyou! wooo i cant wait to listen to this! did you have a great time in the uk? how was it like? did you see this particular show or only the one in wembley? matt you were def lucky to get to see these shows. i wish i was there! thankyou for this podcast. you da man!
    ps what is the set list again? (laughing)

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