Lost For Words

no-words_siteThere are almost, no words for this.  I explain in the podcast but you’ll find lots of unreleased, should have and shouldn’t have been released greatness, as we stray a little off the beaten path of Pink Floyd instrumentals.  Here’s the playlist Enjoy!

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13 thoughts on “Lost For Words

  1. Looking forward to listening to this because I very much enjoy the Amouji, Belgium podcast where the band experienced a mic failure and did a small set with no vocals. Its one of my fave downloads ever; and I even get a kick out of the Doctor’s remarks inbetween songs, explaining this-or-that-nuance of the show.

    Question: is there any extensive “writing about” Floyd anywhere on this site? Such as bandmember biographies? For music groups I admire, I often find myself turning to the website “Allmusic.com” That site has some tiny bits of commentary re: Floyd; there’s a summary for each album, for example. But I can’t expect any real depth from such a vast music portal.

    I’d like to read more about the themes, symbols, and imagery in Floyd music; is all I’m saying. Wondering if there’s anything around like that.

  2. Excellent. I write software all day and lyrics engage my brain too much so at work I stick to instrumentals. Thnx…

    BTW: I have most every ROIO that you enhance and I’ve wanted to tell you for so long now that I really enjoy playing the ‘original’ back to back with your enhanced version and it always leaves me wanting the entire show put through your process. Thnx again. I enjoy these so much!

  3. Awesome show – sublimely programmed. And as for the opening salvo from 1994, all I can say is if that had been on the expensive dead weight currently shipping from PF themselves, I may have been tempted…their loss.

  4. A great thank you for the podcast, lots of rareties, and always a good ‘atmosphere’/coherence in it, perfect
    I wish you a nice week

  5. After two full listens, this is one of my favorites, Doc. (And you know I’ve heard ’em all!) I was just explaining the term “deep album cuts” to someone last week, and I think that quality is a big part of what I love about this. Great segue from Nick’s Boogie to Nick’s Other Boogie (aka GVGP 2). And…the first podcast featuring Lindy Mason batting leadoff? Anyway, I’m impressed how you continue to craft great shows out of such a heavily mined resource of available music. Keep it up!

  6. Doc,
    Your latest podcast is a masterpiece!!! Of course, having a nice chunk of rarities to stir in makes the soup that much richer. But a soup it is, and this is the kind of thing I could listen to all day. This really shows the degree of musicianship and exploration PF was involved in at various stages of their career, and to my mind, something the public hardly ever got to hear much beyond the mid-1970s. A big part of the live thrill for me in those days was hearing them push boundaries, instead of just coming out with a polished package that was identical from night to night. You have to work hard to get that insight now with the Floyd, as you did here, but it is your great fortune that you were privileged to get your hands on all of the rarities. (Yes, I have some of these, and have heard others before on your show, but this is a most excellent assemblage.) Thank you for all you do!!!

  7. Looking forward to hearing this. I like chillin to the Floyd & hearing the Doc do his digital spin as no other can ; )

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