Look Mommy, there’s an aeropig up in the sky 2.0

Show #129 Release date: 28. March, 2009

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… This is an upgrade to the previous 9. May, 1977 podcast “Look Mommy, there’s an aeropig up in the sky” (Show #70 Release date: 13. October, 2006).  As it turns out, it was recorded by Reinhart Holhwein, not Bill Graham Productions as previously thought.

Reinhart’s recording landed in the lap of a master of mastering, Derek McCabe of ‘Mouth of the beast’, a group of people who master live recordings, mostly Grateful Dead stuff.  The clarity is much better.

Photo: Mark Fisher © Fisher Park/STUFISH 2008

12 thoughts on “Look Mommy, there’s an aeropig up in the sky 2.0

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  2. Thanks, Doc. Pink Floyd Animals Tour was my 2nd concert ever – MSG on July 4th. Amazing show for a teenager. This podcast brings back great memories.

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