Oakland 77

Show #129 Release date: 28. March, 2009

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… This is an upgrade to the previous 9. May, 1977 podcast “Look Mommy, there’s an aeropig up in the sky” (Show #70 Release date: 13. October, 2006).  As it turns out, it was recorded by Reinhart Holhwein, not Bill Graham Productions as previously thought.

Reinhart’s recording landed in the lap of a master of mastering, Derek McCabe of ‘Mouth of the beast’, a group of people who master live recordings, mostly Grateful Dead stuff.  The clarity is much better.

Photo: Mark Fisher © Fisher Park/STUFISH 2008

14 thoughts on “Oakland 77

  1. I frequently sample various ‘Animals’ concerts available from the Doc and I have my favorites. I’m new to this one; I stumbled onto it because I was looking for ‘Obscured By Clouds’.

    Anyway been sampling it lately and evaluating it against other shows I’ve enjoyed. I’m not very savvy about music; I have a proverbial ‘tin ear’. But my impression of this concert is that –for whatever technical reason –it seems to have much more power and force than other ‘Animals’ concerts typically available. It thunders and booms, it’s a juggernaut. I’m still making-up-my-mind about it. Still determining whether it will be a top-fave or not.

    Very neck-and-neck with other great ‘Animals’ shows. I’ve long felt that the NYC -77 Madison Square Garden show is still the best I’ve ever heard courtesy of the meticulous Doctor. The intensity and the spleen are outrageous. But this Oakland show …whew…deserves a lot of study. It booms.

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  3. Thanks, Doc. Pink Floyd Animals Tour was my 2nd concert ever – MSG on July 4th. Amazing show for a teenager. This podcast brings back great memories.

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