Live At Leeds

For this podcast, it’s “Live At Leeds” University’s Refectory Hall, 28th February 1970. Just two weeks after The Who’s famous concert recording there. I’ve been meaning to feature this for a while. The sound quality is excellent so  I didn’t need to do much to it but I did boost the level in some places and tweaked it just a little more, added some sweetness. here’s the playlist. Enjoy it loud and let me know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Live At Leeds

  1. The source for this was smashing but, Doc, it is now stunning. Repeated listening am really enjoying myself. Thank you sooo much

  2. Hi Doc! Thank you so much for another great podcast!

    I want to warn you and my Pink Floyd brothers that the article from “Guitar Player”, about which now making noise on the Web, is a collection of excerpts from old interviews. These statements are already five years old. David’s current rhetoric has changed. Of course, you shouldn’t wait for cooperation with Roger, but the continuation of Pink Floyd with Gilmour / Mason / Ezrin and the assistants is still possible. You heard what David said on the third podcast. dedicated to selling his guitars? In addition, Aubrey Powell has already hinted at the possibility of a sequel in three interviews.

  3. Hey Doc,
    Loving your podcasts…been listening to them on my i-pod all day at work..been working thru them 1 by 1…at the moment listening to #131 !!!
    so will take me a while till I get to this on…

    Keep up the great work.
    Stay safe man…

  4. Don’t you just love it when a setlist contains no more than six songs? Great episode doc! And while one wishes to have been able to attend these shows, we can find comfort in Nick’s SoS which brings us pretty close to it, at least as a feeling.

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