Line Out

Show #39, release date: 9. September, 2005

Okay, you waited long enough, here it is, the first full podcast. For now this will be a bi-weekly show.

This one runs 121 minutes. Now I have to say, this is very odd getting used to because it’s so different than doing a live show on the air. I need to sharpen the axe a little.

Deep down I want to thank you for your infinite patience and willingness to wait almost four months for this to kick off.
I hope it wont disappoint you.

This show features only unique soundboard recordings, most of which are unreleased.
– A recording from Australia. Tennis anyone?
– Spooky sounds from Montreux your Mother warned you about
– Live8 comments from David Gilmour
– An Italian two-fer
– Three farm pigs running free in Berlin
– and lots more

Photo: 15. July, 1989 – Venice, Italy
Mason, Nick. Inside Out- A Personal History of Pink Floyd.
Ed. Philip Dodd. 1st ed. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2004. p303.

5 thoughts on “Line Out

  1. Where can i find PodCast 01 to 38 or do you always begin something new at #39?!
    i live in the Netherlands and a great fan of your work!!
    Keep up the good work, and as request a PodCast with Dogs, Sheeps & Pigs, . .

    • Oh course not! Shows 1 through 38 were terrestrial radio shows. They were never recorded. When I started the podcast, it was the 39th floyd show I had done so that’s why it starts at that number for the podcasts. Over the years I’ve recreated a lot of the shows that wheren’t recorded.

  2. Great show! I started here and have been working my way to the current ones (on show 62 now, I love listening to them at work, helps keep me calm on my Floyd fix!

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