Let’s all have a clap!

Show #163, Release date: 2. December, 2010

Okay, it’s been a long time no hear… It’s podcast time.  This was my seventh show and hopefully I’ll get to see more but for now this will be the last of ‘The Wall Concert Series’.  For this, its the 6th of November from New York’s Madison Square Garden. It was my first time at MSG and I thought it was interesting (and annoying) how venue’s concession people were hawking during the show.  You may notice a few “ice cold beers here” and the refreshing sound of one or two being cracked open. The Band sounded great and it comes across nicely but it did need a little doctoring up.  Enjoy and thanks for being so patient.

Photo by: Doc (with an iPhone4 from section 131, Row B, seat 7)

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