Foxboro 1994

Show #45, Release Date: 2. December, 2005
(Original Show #8, Air Date: 15. May, 2004)

Kicking around on a piece of ground in my hometown! Foxboro, Ma., 19. May 1994.  It was a cold, damp, drizzly “English” Thursday evening, typical Spring weather for May and perfect weather for a Pink Floyd show. It was the second night during their three night stay in the Boston area. It was Section B2, 19th Row (15 feet in front of the soundboard), Seat 19 (center stage). WOW! It was truly an incredible sensory overload.

The day after the concert, the sun was shining bright with few clouds in the sky, yet it was quite windy. Nonetheless, Pink Floyd’s airship The Division Belle made a rare appearance.

5 thoughts on “Foxboro 1994

  1. Just getting through more of your site- amazing that this one is here, as my wife and I were at this same show. I still have a pristine show program (and ANOTHER that came in the Later Years set). I’m amazed to find this show all these years later.

  2. Desperately trying to locate some live video and audio footage of the May concerts held in Foxboro, MA 1994. If anybody has any footage or knows where I can obtain it via links or location. Please, PLEASE contact me.


  3. Thanks! I went to this show in Foxboro and I can\’t believe that I actually found a recording of it 12 years later. I first got a hint they were about to do something again in late ’93(I think) when I was looking out toward Catalina Island in California with a telescope and spotted a crazy looking Blimp and then read Pink Floyd on its side. Little did I know then that Me & the Blimp would both be in Foxboro in May 94. Great show! Thanks again!

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